Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

I can't believe I started Life Sprinkled With Glitter one year ago! With everything I do, I am always thinking about my blog and what I could post next. I hope you all enjoy my ideas! I really love putting the extra effort out there just to help even ONE person! I can't believe the response I have gotten to some of my posts! It's crazy that in only ONE year of posting I am almost at 200,000 views and from ALL over the world! 
United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, and India Just to name a few....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my blog!
I wanted to add a couple comments that I have gotten that just made my day! This is the reason I blog!

Bella left this comment on my Homemade Hawkeye costume, which is my #1 viewed post!: 
"Great job mama!!
I LOVE the costumes you've made, they are too cute. I have not seen them around PINTEREST yet, so I'm pinning away, hopefully get you some MUCH deserved traffic. 
I've taken a break from blogging lately, and seeing your blog has made me REALLY want to get back to it asap. I had so much fun meeting other blogging mommies who had the same things in common as me, and featuring them on my blog. 
Thanks for making me smile today, I really love your blog girl. I'm your newest fan, and will continue to pin some more awesome posts you've done. 
Hope you have a super awesome wonderful day!!!
Hugs, Bella
Bella Before and After 
P.s. It takes a lot to get me to leave comments nowadays, and you got me, lol. I just couldn't leave without saying hello, you have lots of great stuff here girl, and I'm happy to have found you. "

Amber wrote me this about my Character Coin Chart: "Omg! Let me start by thanking you for the amazing ideas to use for my 4 kids. I am a full time college student and newly engaged. I am definitely going to be implementing your coin chart. I love that it is one of the first charts that I have seen that is not for a specified set of behaviors. I can't thank you enough because this chart idea that is so simply complex arrived just in time for my family. My older two daughters almost never received spankings or yelling at, however my younger two children have been a different matter. I guess it is because the younger two have always gotten their ways that we are having  these behavior problems. I find myself yelling at E twenty times a day and A at least ten. And I must spank each of them at least once a week. ( All for things like A writing on the bathroom wall in toothpaste, or E trying to go out the front door of our house) I live in Southern Georgia and spanking our kids is all too acceptable for my taste. When I have told friends that I need a different solution they have all laughed and told me different forms of punishments for my kids. (None of which has helped) I have tried chore charts but since the problem is not chores but overall behavior I really like your idea so far. This gives me tangible consequences AND rewards that I can make interesting for my little monkeys. I actually use a similar system with my two older girls and have waited for the day I could get my younger two interested in it. The difference is that your system uses a tangible chart and coins whereas my older two have long standing verbal arrangements where they are compensated for good behavior and proper manners and helping out. Your system seems like a solution a long time coming. And I love that you emphasize that the parent has to stick with it and give examples of how to reprimand the child with out being extreme. The one about the fighting draining your energy was a hoot!
     I wanted to personally write to you and let you know that there are real people you are helping to better their family with your awesome ideas. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this blog. You seem like such an amazing person and you are very creative. Thank you so very much for encouraging me to be a better and more inspiring parent."

~There are many more SWEET comments! I thank you for taking you time to leave them! I enjoy reading them ALL!
Update on me: We have all adjusted well to life with our little Garren Tyler, who is now 4 months old! I have heard it many times, that the third child is normally pretty easy going but I never knew it could be this awesome! My first baby was VERY HIGH MAINTENANCE! I did like it that way because if we choose to have another, then we knew what we were getting into! =) Our daughter was a little easier going and now we have Garren! He's such a sweet, go with the flow, HAPPY guy who totally completes our family! I thank God DAILY for the blessing I have in my husband and three beautiful children! 

Since it's almost Halloween, I'll leave you with a picture of my babies dressed up! For Brenden's first Halloween(9 months), he was Robin! I thought I got rid of the costume but to my surprise, I found the costume!!!! So, here they all are: Batgirl, Batman, and Robin! 
Once again, THANK YOU for all of your support with my Blog, sharing and pinning my Ideas! Also I JUST started a Facebook Page this month for Life Sprinkled With Glitter. If you enjoy my posts, I would LOVE it if you could "like" my page!
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  1. I JUST found your blog through some random pinterest pin about the coin chart. THEY ARE SO AMAZING! I have a 1st grader who needs to work on money, and a preschooler who needs to work on listening. The charts have been amazing. Thanks so much:) Love and Logic is super good parenting stuff.

    1. I know! Love and Logic changed my life as a mom!!!
      And then having a tangible system that works with their teaching is just the icing on the cake!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Love the pics of your family!


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