Friday, June 8, 2012

PVC Bow and Arrow & Finger Glove for Girls

I was looking through a toy magazine a few weeks ago with my kids and saw that they were selling a GIRLS Bow and Arrow set! They were marketing it after the new movie Brave, which is coming out on June 22nd! They wanted almost 20 dollars for this cheap plastic Bow and Arrow set! I was looking closely at the picture and also there is no real place for the child to rest the arrow before shooting so I think MOST kids would have trouble actually shooting it!
Furthermore, I wanted to add to my post about the Hawkeye costume, which has been getting so many hits, and show you how you can change it up and make a PVC Bow and Arrow set for your GIRL! 

All you have to do is follow the instructions to make your bow HERE!
The only changes we made was we used the 1/2 inch PVC (instead of 3/4 inch) and shortened the two piece of pipe to 1 1/2 feet each (instead of 2 feet each)! This makes the bow 3 feet instead of 4 feet long! Since the bow is smaller, there won't be as much pressure on the center cross connector and it will stay strong!
Then choose your child's favorite color and spray paint the bow!
The next step is optional:
I went off the idea of the Brave movie and painted some celtic designs on the bow, with a K in the center for my daughters name!
If you paint anything on the Bow, seal it with Mod Podge by just painting over your design and letting it dry! I used a Glossy finish Mod Podge so it really makes my design shine! Below is a picture of what it looks like before your Mod Podge dries!
Then, follow the steps to make your arrows HERE! It's the same link as above! I just added a different step! Instead of using tape to decorate your arrows, paint them with pretty colors and seal with Mod Podge! For fun I taped all my wooden dowels together and painted a design across all of them! They turned out cute!
Lastly, I wanted to show you how I made a GIRLS finger glove! I gave this idea in my post about the Finger Glove and Armguard, click HERE to see how to make it!
The only changes I made were to the fabric and ribbon used.... and you don't have to do the step of cutting off the jewels on the rings!
This Finger glove is SO CUTE!!!
Your daughter doesn't need to be into archery to want one of these!
I've already had some little girls eyeing it on my daughter! 
They are so cute and fun to add to the dress up box!
Here is a few more pictures of my Kiki and her Bow! She love to pretend to shoot gum balls in peoples mouths instead of actually shooting the arrows!


  1. Wow...great job! That is really awesome, and so much better than the cheapo store-bought one!
    And we are really looking forward to seeing Brave. My whole family is convinced she is Zia's twin.


    1. I can Def. see that Mia!!! =] and it looks like such a FUN movie!!! We can't wait to see it also! =] maybe you will be needing to make a bow for your girl pretty soon! It would be so much fun to play with where u guys live! However, get extra supplies because when your big boy returns he will want one too! =]

  2. This is AWESOME!!! I saw it on Pinterest and I can't wait to make one for our girl (and then probably her brothers will need their own!)!!! You did such a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you! Yes, if you make one bow..... U will probably need to make 3!!! =] they are fun to play with and my kids love pretending together with them.... Also PVC pipe is so cheap, it won't cost u that much more to make three than it would to make one!!! =]
      Have Fun! =]

  3. These are adorable! I can't wait to make them for my girlies. So I take it with the new size (1/2" and 3') that you don't need to duct tape the connector, right?

    1. Jamie,
      Yes by making them that size you don't need duct tape!
      It holds really well with the PVC glue!
      We've had ours for months now
      many neighbors play with it and it's good as the first day!

      Your girls are gonna love this project!
      These bows are so much fun!

  4. Just made them! They just need strung. I will say that after several attempts at cool designs like yours, I just gave up and used electrical tape - lol. I guess my talents are limited when it comes to painting designs ;0)

    I am going to take my girls to see Brave then give them their "gift"..they are going to LOVE them! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

    Also I noticed you guys are are we (along with DF, SF and egg free). I saw your pretzels and can't wait to make them. SOOO glad I found your blog! <3

    1. Jamie,
      What a good mommy you are!
      This is the best idea!
      Take your girls to the movie and then give them their bows!
      LOVE IT!!!
      You know what you could do!?!
      You could have them paint a little something on their bow themselves!
      That way it's more personal!
      They def. won't mix them up! =)

      and about the GF,DF,SF.... I am the only one with a Dairy problem in the family...
      I don't have to cook the way I do, I just choose to!
      It's a lot better to watt this way! I do it more for the health of our family!
      I also LOVE giving options to people, even if I don't make a recipe GF, DF, or even Vegan!

      The pretzel recipe is awesome!
      I'm sure your girls would love to make them with you!
      so fun to roll out the dough etc!

  5. Anonymous6/28/2012

    Hi, I was curious, what did you use for pull back string that shoots the arrow? I didn't see that! Thanks! God bless

    1. Sorry it took me so long to get back! I just used braided nylon string! I hope this helps! =)

  6. This is an awesome idea. Thanks for posting it. I just made two for my children this past weekend.


  7. Great idea Colleen!! I am off to pin it on my Brave Party Board!!

  8. Anonymous9/06/2012

    Awesome. Just made one for my daughter. I changed the design a little. I only drilled the holes through one side of the pvc pipe to keep the knot and excess string inside the pipe. Then you can get a cap for the pvc for a more finished look. Thanks!!

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