Thursday, August 9, 2012

Avengers Bowling

I have had MANY people come to my blog by searching for Avengers ideas!
So I started thinking of a fun cheap idea for an Avengers Birthday party or just a fun craft for any old day! Here's a fun game for your Avenger lovin' kids!
All I did was drink/empty a five water bottles and take off their label.
For Hulk I bought a 2 liter bottle of Sprite because the bottle is already green!
Then I spray painted the bottles with the colors I had! For Hawkeye and Black Widow I used black, for  Ironman and Thor (because of his red cape) I used red, and for Captain America I used white. I wanted to use blue for Captain America but didn't want to go out and buy a WHOLE can of spray paint just for that! You don't have to go out and buy a bunch of different colors of spray paint... if I would choose one color it would be black or for a more vibrant game, red!
Now here is the fun part! I did most of the work for you! I drew some simple sketches of the different characters and you can just print them out below!

Avengers Hulk
Here is what ours look like colored in!
The cool thing about these print out characters is that you can use them to do MANY things. How about an Avengers scavenger hunt? Just write the clues on the back of the paper. Or you can use them as bookmarks, school is starting soon! You can also print them out for Valentines day and just tape a piece of candy to them! They are also just fun to color on a rainy day!

*I would have used this idea when I worked at PCS (Elementary school)! The kids would have loved doing this!
Here is the next step to making your Avengers bowling pins! 
You need some Mod Podge, it glues and seals your character to the bottle.
Just paint it on the bottle, paint over top the paper, and let dry!
Lastly, I added a little sand/dirt to the bottles so they would stay in place a little better. You need something to weigh them down a little! 
Grab any ball you have lying around the house and let your kids have some fun, AVENGERS style!
You could also decorate the ball if you want. I thought it would be cool to add the Avengers A symbol to the ball.
 I blogged before about Mod Podging on a ball.
Click HERE if you want to see that post!

Also, click HERE if you haven't checked out My Avengers Hawkeye Costume!
Halloween is coming up soon!


  1. This is seriously SO cute! I may make this for Christmas for my son. He loves all things Avengers!!

  2. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Having an Avenger Part...going to try it....just to decorate the 2litter bottles

  3. Anonymous9/13/2013

    I love your website, and you made things really easy. My son had a great time at his party thanks for the bowling idea. I don't think I would of have came up with this on my own.


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