Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crafting with Mod Podge!

Yesterday was my sweet little Kiki's 3rd birthday! The theme was cupcakes!
 We had her party at a place with a coffee shop and a large Gym for the kids to play. For a party favor we wanted to give out balls to everyone and we wanted to incorporate the cupcake theme. So I brought out one of my favorite craft supplies called Mod Podge! I love this stuff and I use it ALL the time! If you haven't heard of it, you are missing out! It is a non-toxic, waterbase all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish! This means you can use it like glue then paint it over top and seal it to whatever you are making. Mod Podge comes with different finishes too: matte, gloss, and even glitter! HERE is their website so you can find out more!

So this is what we did to make cupcake balls.
We colored cute cupcakes that I printed out off the computer for free. HERE'S the link if you want them also. They are so cute and fun to color!
 I cut out the cupcakes and then painted Mod Podge on the back. Use it like you would use glue!
 I placed the cupcakes over the ugly bar code on the ball, then painted the Mod Podge all over top of the cupcakes.
 Here is what kiki's ball looked like right after I painted Mod Podge all over the top! Let it sit till fully dry.
 I like the gloss finish Mod Podge, it gives a nice shine to your crafts! Here is Kiki playing with her birthday cupcake ball at her party! Completely sealed for hours of fun! =)
 The kids with their  cupcake balls! =)
*Since it's halloween time, i'll give you a few other ideas of how I've used Mod Podge. We painted some of our pumpkins with acrylic paint and if anyone else has done this then you know that if you leave these pumpkins outside then the paint washes away with the rain. After the acrylic paint was dry, I sealed it with Mod Podge so we still have our fun painted pumpkins sitting outside! I also used fun Halloween paper and cut out the first letter to my children's names and sealed them on little pumpkins. Also, I let the kids use Halloween stickers on their pumpkins and sealed them on with Mod Podge!

You can do so much with this stuff!
I will tell you one other thing I did when I first got married. I bought an old lamp shade at a thrift store. I printed out a bunch of black and white photos of my husband and me and then Mod Podged them all over the lamp shade. To bad I don't have a picture to show you but it was a cool unique lamp that hardly cost me anything! =)

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  1. I can't wait to get my hands on that Mod Podge and try one or ALL of your ideas!! I personally love decoupage (sp?)and this stuff sounds even better!


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