Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sock Gloves!

Most kids LOVE to dress up!!! Especially around Halloween time! I let my kids go out of the house in costumes but sometimes you just want them to wear regular clothing! =) Sock gloves are so much fun! They can feel in costume but they are still wearing regular clothes, a win win situation. Right? This is what we did. The dollar section at Target ALWAYS has socks! They can be seasonal or your child's favorite character!!! You cut a hole in the top for their four fingers to go through.
 Then a little lower and to the right or left side, depending on which hand its for, cut a small hole for the thumb. Here is a close up of my sons hand in the socks! =) As you see, the "small hole" gets larger as they wear them and they go through the washer.

 My daughter wanted to get in on the action! This picture shows one other thing, if you place them right when cutting, normally their elbows fit right in the heel of the sock!
So use your imagination with this! If your daughter or son like singing or being a "rock star" these gloves would totally add to their fun.... find plain colored socks or even use nylons. I prefer the festive look at the holidays and cant wait for the christmas sock to come out!!! =)
If you and your kids want to get even more creative with these. Just bring out the puffy paints and let them paint away!


  1. Hey! Love it! I'm so doing this for Elle - she wants to be Fancy Nancy this year. This will be perfect addition to her crazy ensemble! Thanks for the ideas - keep them coming!

  2. Yeah, Kate!!!! I'm so happy you are doing this! I know Elle would want to wear them all over! You have to post a picture of her as Fancy Nancy on Facebook! Cute idea! =)


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