Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Game: Capture The Ghost

I am SO EXCITED!!! I have been looking for my notes to Capture The Ghost for years now. I remember it being so much fun at Halloween time with the school age (K-8th) kids I worked with. Sometimes, I would have 10 kids playing this game at once and EVERYONE would be having fun. This is great for parties or large groups of kids or you can keep it low key and play it just with your family. If I am unclear in any of my explanations, please leave me a comment below and I will try to make things more clear.  To start you need to make the ghosts! Very easy and here is what you will need,
  1. White paper towels (two per ghost)
  2. Pieces of string or yarn about 3 feet long (one per ghost)
  3. a black sharpie marker

Lay out one of the paper towels and you or your child crumple up the second paper towel and lay it in the center, like pictured below.
 Then pick up the edges of the paper towel on the bottom and bring them up around the crumpled up ball.
 Take your 3 foot string and tie it around the paper towel, right above the bump of the crumpled up towel inside.
 Have you child draw the faces on the ghosts. If this is for a party, get the ghost to this point and then let the kids draw their own faces on their ghost! It's a fun thing to play with even after the game is over!
This is what it will look like when done!
 Let the game begin! The rest of the supplies you will need are:

  1. Tape, to make a circle on the floor.
  2. A plastic cup, to use as the cage to capture the ghosts.
  3. Two or more dice 
  4. ten pennies per player

Here is what it will look like when you are ready to start! You tape a circle on the floor and lay the ghosts inside with the strings coming out of the circle. One person is chosen to start as the ghost catcher! The ghost catcher sets their ghost aside and is holding the dice and plastic cup.  All of the other people have a ghost inside the circle and are holding on to their string! 
 The ghost catcher calls out a number between 1-6 (the numbers on a normal die). Then rolls the two dice in his/her hand. If that number is on either die, they can try and capture as many ghosts as possible by putting the cup on top of the ghost. My daughter is capturing my ghost in the picture below. The people holding onto their ghost DON'T want to be captured so if they see the number called on the dice, they pull their ghost out of the circle (where they are safe). Which is what my son is doing in the picture below!
What do you do with the 10 pennies per person?

  1. When your ghost is captured you have to give the catcher a coin. 
  2. If you pull your ghost out when the number called didn't show up on the dice, you must give a coin to the catcher. 
  3. If the catcher catches you without the number called being rolled, the catcher gives the person who ghost was caught a coin!

Everyone gets a chance at being the catcher! Just go around the circle clockwise. I say, the game stops when someone is out of coins or when everyone has had a chance at being the catcher twice. You can make up your own rules to stop the game depending on the number of children and their age. After the game is over, I let the children keep their money and give everyone a treat for playing (a sucker, homemade cookie, or a choice of halloween candy, etc). No losers and everyone has fun!

This game is great on practicing number skills!

*You can easily use this for your adult halloween party. Anyone playing puts in their own ten one dollar bills, used instead of pennies, and you play till someone has no more money.

*Another example of how the game can be changed is: My friend Sara is having a Halloween party and the theme is Spiders. Play Catch The Spider and make spiders instead of ghosts. Also, when you tape out your circle on the floor you can tape out a spiderweb!

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