Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Slugterra Costume

 My son Brenden always keeps me on my toes with costume making!
Since we only have Nexflix, he is always finding new shows he likes and asking to dress like one of the characters! In this case, he started watching SlugTerra and wanted to dress like the main character,  Eli Shane!
The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about the canisters that the slugs are held in was plastic spice containers! I got the cheapest ones from Target and it is awesome because their lids are already black! I simply poured the spices/herbs in bags for later use!
 It was tough to get some of the wrapping off of the plastic so I just used De-solv-it and it took everything off!
 I then got out my trusty Mod Podge and added a little blue food coloring. 
 I painted each case to tint the plastic blue!
 Here is one fully painted!
 They dry pretty quickly, so once you are done painting all of them with Mod Podge, your first one should be dry. 
I then painted all the bottoms with this black design.
 Next, I had to find clips to glue to the back….
I didn't have time to go to many stores so I just bought clearance clips from Target. I am sure you could find something cheeper at a craft store or even the dollar store!
I just cut away the decoration on the clip!
Here is what I ended up with! 
Then I just used E6000 to glue it to the case! 
You could probably also use hot glue.
You want to glue the clip opening pointing downward!
 I wanted my clips black so I just colored them with a sharpie!
This step is optional!
My kids got LUCKY…. the day after I finished making the Slug Cases, it was Brenden's half birthday. I just thought I would do something nice for them and get them this ten pack of slugs to share since it would have taken them a while to save with their own money.
 Here is Brenden holding up his favorite slug in it's new home!
 The slugs and cases!
There is a cheeper option to buying the slugs!!! This is actually what I was going to do with my kids at first! There are many cute coloring pages of the different slugs…. Just search "slug terra coloring pages" Find your child's favorite and size/print them to fit inside the case. Have your child color them and there you go…. FREE slugs!
 Next step is making something they can attach the slug cases to on their shirt! I went to a used clothing store and found a baseball belt. I cut it and hand stitched to to a black teeshirt. You could also use thick black string too! Here is Brenden just wearing the black shirt with the black belt stitched to it!
 Now, if you want to get a little more fancy with it and you know how to sew….
THIS is what Eli Shane's shirt really looks like with white and orange under the armpit!
I was going to do this step but then I realized my kids didn't care….
All they really wanted was the slugs and cases!

This blog shows how they sewed up a SlugTerra shirt…. Just click on the picture below to be taken there!
Lastly, arm you child with a cool handheld nerf gun and they will be off playing SlugTerra!

Update from November 2016:
I recently found these awesome little slugs online. They are internationally shipped so expect to wait a little bit BUT I got all 24 of these for only $10.48! I bought two packs of these! My boys are going to love this for Christmas! FYI, There is no packaging that come with them, just the slugs.
Click on the picture to go to the website!


  1. Hi Colleen! I found your blog (again!) as my son wanted an Eli Shane costume for his school party. Remember the Hawkeye costume I did following your blog? I think Brendan and my son can be good friends, comparing how alike they are in terms of their liking for certain cartoon characters! I added a link back to this post here:

    1. Yeah! I am so happy you found my blog again to help you out with your costumes! Yes, our sons would probably love playing together considering they want the same costumes! ;) It is so fun to create for them! I'm glad you found me again! ;)

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello,

    This looks great! I am planning a Slugterra birthday party and this will be a great activity...I am a little unsure of the painting process though...When we paint the containers with the Mod Podge, do we paint on the inside or outside? I could not quite tell by the pictures. Also, is the black paint on the outside?

    Thanks for sharing!


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