Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Ponytail Cut On A Little Girl~ Long Hairstyle

I started searching little girls haircuts online and on Pinterest and came across something called the DIY Ponytail Cut. I decided to give it a try on my daughter because her hair was so long…. If I messed it up then I could always take her in to a professional afterwards. 

We have worked really hard at growing out her hair ever since she was 2 1/2 when her brother cut ALL of the front of her hair off….TO THE SCALP! I can laugh about it now.
Basically, I thought it was time for a "style" to her hair. It was just so long and lifeless.
Here is Kiki after I gave her a good hair wash and brushed out her hair REALLY well!
The BEFORE shots!
They say to put all of the hair into a ponytail… The further front you bring the ponytail to the forehead, the more dramatic the result. When gathering the hair, make sure the back of the hair is on the bottom side of the ponytail and the top of the hair is on the top when cutting.
It was hard for me to take a picture of the actual cut because I needed my hands. I basically cut at an angle that kept the back of the hair slightly longer than the front. This picture is showing you how little I cut off.
Then to make the cut a little more dramatic, I took all of the hair on the crown of her head in another ponytail. I took off about another half inch or so by angling the cut for the front to be slightly shorter than the back of the hair in the ponytail!
SIMPLE! This whole process was only two cuts and under ten minutes! 
The first picture shows the layers right after I finished cutting her hair and the second picture is after I let it dry a little. As it dried I just loved it more and more!
Here is a side view of the layers and the front! 
I don't think I'm gunna pay for a hair cut again for this girl. WELL…. at least until she is older! LOL
I might even use this method for my older boy who loves to wear his hair long!
Here is the video I watched before I dared to take scissors to my daughters hair! AND like everyone says after explaining how to DIY haircut…..Don't blame me if this doesn't work out for you!! I am just simply showing you how it worked for me! Hope this can save some of you some money on haircuts!!! Before this I would have NEVER touched any of my children's hair!!

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