Thursday, May 29, 2014

Simple Activity/Craft SCORE: Moon Sand

It SUMMER time! I am starting this post out with one of my favorite pictures of Brenden at the pool! Throw Back Thursday! Along with begging to go to the pool everyday, my kids are also asking for a DAILY craft! My son even asked me yesterday, "What is the craft going to be tomorrow!?!" I replied "Sorry Brenden, I don't plan that far in advance!" LOL This can be overwhelming to mommy who still has to get things done around the house! 
I don't know about you but easy and cheap ideas are what I'm looking for!
After yesterdays SCORE on our activity/craft…. I HAD to post!

I'm sure you might have seen this idea floating around Pinterest for a while! I just never tried it before!
We went to a toy store and they had a version of "Moon Sand" out to play with! My kids were asking to buy some and I told them that we will try and MAKE it instead!

Two simple ingredients later costing me only 4 dollars and we had our own Moon Sand!
Mix together 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil!
With a 5lb bag of flour you can do this twice! It makes a great amout of Moon Sand to play with!

This was an activity that ALL THREE of my kids enjoyed together!!!! That is pretty crazy when there is almost a 7 year span between your oldest and youngest!
 I just simply put a bunch of plastic cups and play kitchen toys in a plastic bin and they had a ball!
 I love seeing all three of them playing together so well!
 They made ice cream cones and I even got in there to sculpt a crazy looking face! LOL
Hey, The stuff is soooo soft and smells so good I couldn't resist!
After you are done just store in a ziplock bag for later!
While I have your attention,
I thought I would add a simple tip for summer swimming!
To keep Chlorine out of your families hair…..
Simply get your hair wet with regular water before jumping in!
Your hair is like a sponge…. If you get it wet before, it won't soak up all the harmful chemicals!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Healthy Klondike Bar (Dairy-free, Paleo)~Review

Once I saw a post on how to make a HEALTHY Klondike bar, by Megan from Detoxinista, I HAD to try it!!!! There is VERY few ingredients and I happen to have them all! Could it be true that you can make ice cream out of mainly cashews!?! 
I tried making it the same day and I had to share it with you all because it is THAT good!!!

Megan's recipe is found on her page, just click the picture below and it will take you there!
Here is my review of this recipe!
First of all, this is definitely a MUST TRY!!! My only complaint is the waiting between processes to get to try your yummy dessert! If you were going to make these for dessert for you family, you would have to start in the morning.
First step is to soak your cashews for two hours.
Then you blend the Vanilla ice cream ingredients together and pour them into a loaf pan lined with parchment and freeze for 4-6 hours.
I found it tough to line the pan with parchment without some folds! I knew this was going to mess up how my ice cream was going to freeze but once you get to the step of cutting the ice cream into squares it really doesn't matter too much! Below you can see that my ice cream rectangle isn't perfect!

Another thing Megan did was cut her ice cream into 8 squares, I actually cut my ice cream up into smaller pieces because I would mainly be feeding my children and I didn't think one serving needed to be so big! HOWEVER, if you do this make a little bit more chocolate because you won't have enough to cover the surfaces!
 I am amazed that you can make chocolate syrup with simply coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup!!! Have any of you had trouble melting chocolate and getting the perfect consistency!?! With this recipe you don't have that problem AT ALL!!!! I have to say, this chocolate is so good and easy to make that I would make it by itself! You can use this as a healthy version of chocolate hardening shell on top of a sundae or scoop of ice cream on a cone!!! Or how about chocolate covered strawberries!?! 
 This is how I covered my ice cream bites! I just set it in the bowl and spooned it over the top until it was covered!
 *One last tip! Just like you have to set out a gallon of ice cream to soften before you scoop it…take these out of the freezer and let them sit few minutes or the "ice cream" is really tough.
This is especially true for giving it to little ones.
You can also cut it up into bite size pieces for really little ones, to cut down on the mess!
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