Friday, June 22, 2012

Present To Big Brother/Big Sister: From New Baby

First of all, I wanted to introduce you to my 8 1/2 pound baby Boy,
Garren Tyler!

Such sweet moments for siblings to welcome a new little one to the family!
I wanted to have something SPECIAL for my two kids from their new baby brother! Not just a toy they were really wanting at the time! The other great thing about this idea is you can make this without spending any money!
I searched the internet for cute generic poems for a new Big Brother and a new Big Sister! I found these two on a mommy board! I'm sad that I can't give credit to whoever wrote them because they are BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! If you have seen these before and know where they come from and/or who wrote them leave me a comment! 

I created a simple PDF file for you to use and print out!
There is also room to write a personalized note to your child from the new baby on the side of the poem! What I did was write about how happy the new baby was to finally meet Brother/Sister and about how lucky they were to have such a great helper around...etc. Personalize it with your child's interests, they will LOVE it and feel so special!

My Big Brothers Hands Poem My Big Sisters Hands Poem
After I printed out the poems and wrote a little note from their baby brother, I rolled them up like a scroll and tied them with a pretty bow! 
I grabbed a couple fun treats that they could have in the hospital and packaged them in a bottle! 
These bottles are ones we are going to use so we already had them! The kids thought it was fun to get there note in his bottle.... if your child will want to keep the bottle you could always package the stuff in a new fun sippy cup or a bottle from the Dollar Store! 
Here is picture of the first time the kids met their baby brother in the hospital, showing their present!
UPDATE: as of 2014 we have another new addition to our family!!! I did something new for the sibling presents and I also wrote two new sibling poems and made them FREE printables!
Just click on the picture below to see that post!

**A GREAT Idea For Siblings To Do For New Baby**
A great tradition we started when we were expecting our second child was to go to Build A Bear Workshop and have the older sibling make a special doll for the new baby to come! First of all, it really helps the sibling to get excited for the new baby. It also gives them something to bring the baby when they come to the hospital.

At Build A Bear, they really make it a special experience! You child will get to kiss and make a wish on a red heart and put it into the doll that they choose! They get to help stuff the doll!
And my FAVORITE part about it all is they can record a special message to the baby and whenever you squeeze the hand it will play!
My kids message to their brother says Keaten~"We love you baby Garren" Brenden~"You're our little Tiger"
I also wanted to add a few pictures of Brenden picking out a doll for Keaten!
In the message Brenden recorded to Keaten he says,
"Bee Kiki I Wove You" 
Which is, Baby Kiki I Love You!
I love pressing it and hearing his cute little two year old voice!
Such a great Keepsake!
You get to wash the doll when you are done making it!
**UPDATE**We are now going to have our 4th child, due December 2014! Click HERE to see what doll the three kids stuffed for him!
Also along with that post I show you how to make your own baby mobile!
A simple and fun way to personalize your nursery!

I also have an older post with another cute idea that older siblings can do for the new baby to come!
They can make a special onesie! It's super Easy and Super cute!
Click HERE to see how to make one!


  1. You are so amazing and you look amazing in that photo! Those poems made me cry they are so sweet!

    1. I KNOW Sara, the poems made me cry too!
      I thought they were so perfect! I know a lot of people
      Could use them!!!
      They were perfect and a great thug to save
      And read later with the kids! =]

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations!!! What a beautiful boy! You look amazing in that picture, even still at the hospital! And I can hardly believe you are still cooking up great creative ideas for your kids, in the midst of preparing for and having a new baby. Best wishes for you and your little one and the rest of the family as you welcome Garren into your lives!


    1. Thank You Mia! We are having big adjustments... Three is a lot more work but it's gonna be better when we feel like we can actually take the baby out into public more! The OLDER kids don't understand why we have to stay home so much! =) I actually think it's refreshing to slow down....
      I feel GREAT after a week has gone by! I wish the best for you as you are heading to the day where you welcome your new little one also! Can't wait to hear about it!
      Hey, are you on Facebook? I post LOTS more pictures there...
      Let me know and I will look for you!

  3. Colleen,
    I'm not on Facebook, although I'd love to see more pics of that sweet baby! I'm sure I'll be able to see more on your blog soon...I'll bet he's already changing fast! I'm glad you're feeling well. Thanks for your sweet wishes for our babe!


  4. Thanks for this beautiful cards collection, I Really enjoy all of them


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