Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fun Father's Day Ideas (Dad or Grandpa)

Father's Day is 11 days away!!!! Here are some fun Ideas that we are using this year!
You have probably seen this idea floating around.....Fill a small box with money filled balloons! Most people use it for kids birthdays who live far away BUT why not use this idea for a Grandpa who lives far away for Father's Day! It works even better if your kids call him Papa.....because then you get clever and spell it out "POP-a!"

All you have to do is get your children to draw or write out a special note to Papa for Father's Day on a small piece of paper!
Roll up the cute note and insert it into the balloon. You can also add in some money for a fun surprise! Another awesome thing about this is you can call around to ALL of his Grandchildren and get a special note for each! My Father has three other Grandchildren in different states and he is going to be surprised to see a special message added to the package from them TOO!

Then simply insert your pump into the balloon and blow it up! 
Such a fun way to receive little notes from everyone!
You can also make this into a game for your kids, just for fun or a birthday idea!
Check out my post Pop The Balloon Game!

Father's Day Questionnaire 
Thanks to Pinterest and all of the examples of questionnaire's for Father's Day.... I came up with this next idea! I actually just figured out how to add PDF files to my blog so I made it easy on you! If you want this questionnaire just click below where it says "Fathers Day" and download the file to print it out!
Fathers Day
I put together my favorite questions which I thought would get the cutest answers from my children! They did really well at answering all of the questions and I am TOTALLY gonna save these for years to come!
I have to tell you what my daughter said when I asked her "his hair is....." she answered "one big hair!"  She also said My daddy is really strong and can lift a "Big Huge Cupcake!"
How can you not LOVE this idea!?!

Simple Golf Bag Pen Holder
Here is another cute idea for a Father or Grandfather who loves golf!
I blogged about how to make this cute golf bag pen holder. Click HERE to find out how!
Also connected to this link are some fun Photo ideas for Father's Day, Christmas, or Daddy's Birthday!

Here is another great idea that a child can do for daddy or grandpa!
A Sharpie mug designed by a child!
Click on the picture to see how we made this!


  1. thank you for saving the questionnaire as a pdf! So tired of having to join sites to get the "free download"! Yours is the one we're using this father's day!

    1. Yes, I totally know how you feel! I don't want to join sites either! I'm so happy that I JUST learned how to post the PDF files...
      just for situations like this!
      I will be using them in many post from now on!
      Hopefully you get some cute answers! =)


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