Monday, June 11, 2012

Kool-Aid & Ice Painting

Here is a FUN project idea for a hot summer day! My kids LOVE this! All you need is Kool-Aid, Ice, and paper! The Kool-Aid acts as your paint when it gets wet with the ice! Kids love to smear it around and see the pretty designs they come up with!

Another FUN thing about this is it smells SOOOOOO good! Also, if your kids lick their fingers, it won't hurt them!

I will tell you it takes a couple of washes for the dye to totally come out of their hands! =)
****TIP, Grape is the only Kool-Aid I don't buy because it doesn't really come out purple, it's more of a brown! It is better to buy blue and red and put them close together to make purple!

I caught him RED handed! =) 
Then after you are all done, you can have some Kool-Aid to drink or popsicles made from Kool-Aid. Or if you want to stay away from the artificial Dyes.... Do what I did and just give your child a Pop made from 100% juice! A Yummy end to a fun craft! 
***Notice the hands in the picture below! This was after they washed them...
However, they were back to normal the next day! =)

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  1. I'm amazed that your kids didn't get Kool-aid on their white clothes, my kids would be covered.


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