Thursday, December 18, 2014

Present to Big Brother/Big Sister: From New Baby (#2)

First, I want to introduce you all to Rowen Wesley!
We feel so blessed and complete now that he is here!
 I prepared three sibling presents from the new baby!
This time instead of doing a little present in a baby bottle like I did HERE, I collected a little bit larger present for the siblings! First step it making the bag. I used a blue bag for the boys and pink for my girl.
I simply printed out tags for the bags which I colored with markers.
To seal the tag to the bag I used a little Mod Podge and simply let it dry.
The next few pictures show in stages what I added to the sibling presents from their baby brother.
First, I added a book to each of the kids bags. For my two older kids I gave them drawing books and for my little two year old who has never experienced gaining a new sibling, I got him a "Big Brother" book!
Then, I got each of my kids a journal with their initial and a fun pen to draw or write in their journal.
Lastly, I added some playdoh and a bag of candy from their Halloween candy. You can also add some healthier options like fruit leather or Annie's snack bags. 
The whole idea is to add things that would keep them busy in the hospital when they visit and something they can snack on! I might add some fresh fruit closer to the actual day I go in to have the baby.
Another idea that I really want to add to the two older siblings bags is a disposable camera. I think they would have fun taking their own pictures around the room and it would be fun to look back on their perspective of the special day!

Lastly, I wrote two poems from new baby to older brother and one to older sister.
I have them here to print for free, just click on the link.
What I did was add a little note written from new baby to sibling that was like he was writing it the day he was born!
For Garren, I used a poem that I used to give to Brenden the day Garren was born.
You can find that poem, free printable,  HERE along with the sibling present ideas I had the last time when Garren was born!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Candy Cane Christmas Card Ornament for Kids~ FREE Printable

My kids decided they wanted to give out candy canes to their classes for Christmas. I'm sure this is partly because then Candy Canes would be in our house and they could "SAMPLE" a few along with giving them out!! They also wanted to give out a card with it so I came up with this cute ornament they could decorate and tape to a candy cane!
I think colored pencils are the best to use to color in the ornaments because marker sometimes bleeds through and covers up the letters!
I pulled out my good colored pencils and we colored away while listening to Christmas music!
For a fun touch, I got a few small things of glitter glue from the Target dollar section! Kiki loves glitter glue!
After your ornaments are dry, simply cut them out, tape a candy cane to the back, and have your child sign their name!!
I think they turned out SO CUTE!
If your child isn't in school yet, you can also have your kids make these and hang them on the tree! Whenever a guest comes over they can pull one off the tree and give it to them!

I made it easy for you and added a FREE printable of the ornaments below!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paint A Tree~ Nursery Room Decor

I love the idea of a tree on the walls of a nursery! The other cool thing about them is you can use the branches to "hang" picture frames on. I have always loved this tree so when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to paint it on the wall over the crib! A few years ago I found this tree decal and painted it on the wall of our old house when we had Garren! I painted it in black, just like the decal. Here is a picture of the tree from our old house. You can click on the picture below to see the process and the link to the decal is there if you don't want to try and paint a tree yourself.
I figured that no matter the sex of the baby, I was going to put it in the room with Garren because they would be closest in age. He has the smallest bedroom in our house so I had a lot of planning to do. First, I wanted to paint over the baige color that our whole house was painted before we moved in! 
I chose a light gray color for the wall because it's a good neutral. It looks slightly blue in the picture below. I also knew I wanted to have white furniture along with painting the tree white.
Then I found a used toddler bed that I painted white to match the crib!
I figured teal would be a great accent color for a unisex room so I started getting a few teal accents like the fabric shelf containers.
Here is the wall where I decided to paint the tree!
Here I am drawing the tree while Garren is playing! 
Then, here is the tree with its first coat of paint!
I figured I wanted to draw something on the branches so I drew two monkeys to represent the two kids in the room! I darkened the picture so you can see the drawings of the monkeys before I painted them.
I painted the one monkey teal to represent Garren and the second one I didn't paint until I found out the sex of the baby. If the baby was a girl I was going to add some violet accents along with the teal and if the baby was a boy I was going to add accents of orange.
While I waited to find out the sex of the baby, I worked on other pieces in the room. The dresser was painted for my older sons room and HAD to be changed!!!
I LOVE the way it looks matt gray with teal accents!
We worked on getting the crib up and it fit perfect in the room!
Here Garren is showing off his new room!
Then, finally when 18 weeks came around we found out we were having a boy so the orange accents started being added!
I painted four little frames the accent colors and added the first letter of each of our kids names! I blurred out the baby's initial because we haven't told everyone his name yet!
Then I hung the frames on the branches.
Here is the finished tree!
I am so happy with the finished product of the room with the cute tree! You can also see in this picture that I made a teal and orange mobile. You can click HERE to see how easy it is to make your own baby mobile!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Safari Theme Party~ Cardboard Cave

My daughter Kiki always has BIG ideas for her birthday parties! Last year she wanted a princess party with a pink princess castle! Here is what I created for her! You can click on the picture below to see the process and other things I did for the party!
This year she wanted a Jungle theme party where all of the kids invited could pretend to be animals in a HUGE cave!!! She got a Panda costume for Halloween the year so that is what she dressed as! Here is the process of what we did to make our little girl's birthday dream come true! First, we picked up a bunch of free boxes from a furniture store. A tip about making large cardboard structures is that if you open the box up it covers a lot larger area!
We started moving the boxes around to come up with our design. I wanted to put it in the same corner we put the castle in and also have a large area on the inside that the kids could stand up in and play.
I think we had about 17 kids total at the party which is why I wanted an open area inside, so everyone would be able to play! 
We figured we would make one way in and one way out... The kids would have to crawl through the caves to get into the larger area and my husband came up with the idea for the kids to slide out of it!

Here is the beginning of the cave that the kids could crawl through.... at first we just taped the boxes together and to the wall to hold them in place... then my husband cut the openings afterwards!
Here is a picture of what the inside of the cave looks like before the outside structure of the cave is done!
We opened up the boxes and used duct tape to tape the walls together and the cardboard to the floor!
If you want your boxes to hold, you want to use GOOD and STRONG duct tape.... not cheap stuff!
Here is the basic structure of the cave just in boxes!
We then attached cardboard to the ceiling to cover up the opening so no one could see in! We also added another cave to crawl through on the right of the cave opening!
Once all of the cardboard was in place we used about 6 rolls of brown packaging paper, which I got from the Dollar Store,  to cover it up. We unraveled the whole roll of paper and crumpled it up to give it more of a "rock" look. Then we taped or stapled it to the cardboard. *tip* After all this work we realized that the cheapest and best tape to use for the outside packaging paper is clear packaging tape...
Next, I transformed one of the posts downstairs in the basement into a tree! I used green tablecloths from the dollar store to make the "Leaves". I just taped them to the top of the post and then to the ceiling after stretching them out!
To make the pole look more like bark, Kiki and I painted Trader Joes shopping bags a little darker brown, ripped the bottom edges a little and stapled/taped them around the pole!
I then added a Dollar Store white and green table cloth to the wall to make the jungle scene extend on the wall a little!
I finger painted, with acrylics, some vines and leaves to the top of the white table cloth!
I drew two monkeys on regular paper and had Kiki help me color them. Then we cut them out and taped them to the table cloth!
We also added another little cave to crawl in over by the slide! This one had a bunch of blankets in the bottom so it was nice and soft inside!
This is a picture before it was all covered with brown paper!
I then added green crepe paper hanging from the ceiling like green vines. I wanted to show you what it looked like before and after I crumpled the crepe paper! When you crumple it up a little, it makes it look more like vines! 
The kids love sliding out of the cave into the vines!
I also added crumpled crepe paper vines in front of the cave to add a little color.... 
I made a cute little sign to go on the front with some scrapbook paper that says "Kiki's Kave"!
Here is the finished Cave!
We had a few games planned for the kids! 
The kids were having so much fun playing that we only really got to do the big scavenger hunt. 
Here is what we did!
We had the kids decorate brown paper bags upstairs with markers and stickers while two older kids went down to the cave area to hide plastic animals that I picked up from the dollar store!
We had a bunch of different jungle animals like this and there was one hidden for every child!
They got to keep their animal as part of their party favor!
The simple rule was to find an animal and then help the others who haven't found one yet! 
It was great and no one felt left out, which definitely can happen with this many children!
They sat down on the floor in front of the cave after they found their animal.
After everyone showed that they found an animal, they earned a safari map to find their treasure!
I drew a basic outline of our house and property on brown paper and burnt the edges to make it look old! I drew "you are here" and circled it in red and then we  drew a dotted line to follow to find numbers 1 through 4 in our yard which then lead to X marks the spot!!!
It was such a BEAUTIFUL fall day! Here are the kids running to find #2 on one of our trees!
The X lead the kids to the treasure box piñata!
I normally don't let my kids have a lot of candy.... so a Piñata was Kiki's BIGGEST wish besides the cave!!! So this was a special event!
Here is the birthday girl taking a swing! 
We also made this cute pin the tail on the Giraffe game which we didn't get to play till most of the kids left.
If you haven't seen my posts before on this....I LOVE Staples for their engineering prints!
My husband photoshopped a picture of Kiki sitting and put her on a free giraffe coloring page we found online!
If you don't know how to photoshop you can simply just use any free coloring page of the jungle animal of your choosing and have it printed for just a few bucks! The poster was HUGE! It was 36"X48" and only $7.76!
I added the two other posts I have done on Staples Engineering Prints if you want to find out how to do this for yourself or for one of your parties! Just click on the picture and it will take you to the post! 

*One other game idea for your Jungle Theme party is Jungle Animal Freeze Dance. All you do is play music and when it stops yell out an animal name and the kids have to freeze like that animal!
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