Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Baby Room Project

 I can't wait to show you guys what I did in the baby room!
I have had so much fun with this! 
First of all, I went to a garage sale and found three small frames for 75 cents! I repainted them, first in black and then in white. I sanded away some of the white to reveal some black once the paint was dry!
 They turned out so cute! Then I printed the first letter of each of my children's names in fun fonts on the computer and added them with a pretty cream backing to the frames. After that I hot glued some ribbon to the backs of the frames and here is my finished product! =) 
 Now this is where my idea gets really fun! I found this tree decal on Pinterest! This website has some other cool decals that you can put on the wall of a nursery or other places in your home. It's cool to get ideas or if you don't want to spend the time, just buy one! Check it out HERE!
I Drew and painted this tree in the corner of the room. 

Then I hung the little frames up like they are hanging off of the branches!
It's getting more and more exciting as I finish up these fun projects! Let's see what else I can accomplish in the next 11 weeks before his arrival! =)
Here are a few pictures of the room with the crib all finished! My mother in law made the sheets and crib skirt in fabric I chose, "White Tiger".  Also, you might notice that there is an added branch on the right side of the tree. I made his baby plaque and wanted it to hang on that side of the tree so I simply added another branch! =) That's the beauty of painting it yourself.... You can make the changes you want to fit your space!


  1. I LOVE the tree! and the framed initials. What a great idea. Looking forward to any other projects you accomplish in these last weeks!

    1. THANK YOU mia! I had so much fun doing it! Keaten loves her "swirly tree"! Perfect for a room shared by a boy and a girl!

  2. Anonymous10/12/2012

    How long would you say it took to paint the tree? Did you paint freehand or did you draw it on the wall first? Thanks! jcb


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