Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Personalized Water Bottles

It's not even summer yet and we are having LOTS of beautiful days playing outside! This means LOTS of water to be drunk! =) I found these cute bottles at Walmart for a dollar and my head filled with ideas of how I can make them more desirable! I love the cute handle and so do my kids!
I recently saw this CUTE Muno, from one of my daughters favorite TV shows (Yo Gabba Gabba), water bottle on Amazon. Yo Gabba Gabba things are hard to find so I thought about buying it for her. It was only $2.69 but shipping was $4.02 making this water bottle $6.71 plus tax! I could do better than that!!!
I came up with a fun character that both of my kids would love which matched the color of their water bottle! The blue was a perfect to put the Captain America shield on and, of course, the red for Muno!  I first drew it on the bottle....It's ok if you mess up a little because the paint will cover your mistakes! You could see I messed up on the drawing of Muno's eye at first but you can't tell after I painted it!
I wanted to stop here but my kids took control after that! THEY wanted to paint their water bottles TOO! Since I didn't want them to paint into my work...I taped off half the bottle for them to go crazy!
If you aren't very crafty to paint a symbol on the water bottle you can go right to this step..... I printed the character of my child's choice along with their name. After all the paint is dry and you have cut out anything printed from computer or cut from a magazine.... you bust out the Mod Podge! This will seal your paint and also work as glue for the other stuff you want to add!
Here is what the bottle will look like with the Mod Podge painted on it!
Just simply let it dry for a few hours and here you have it!!! A Muno and Captain America Water Bottle, PERSONALIZED by my children! See what you and your kids can come up with! =) If you have problems getting them to drink more water....this might help!

I just added a recent picture of another water bottle I did for the little guy I watch! He LOVED Brenden and Keaten's bottles so much and he kept asking for his own. I painted the Wolverine face and Mod Podged the printed out character to the bottle! 


  1. Just found this post on Pinterest and love the idea! What kind of paint did you use? How have the designs held up to washing over the last year? I'm looking to do something similar for my niece.

  2. I recently saw this CUTE Muno, from one of my daughters favorite TV shows (Yo Gabba Gabba), water bottle on Amazon. Dosen bedrucken

  3. personalized sports bottles
    will be the favorite especially for children having there favorite super heroes images in the water bottles.


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