Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monster Tooth Pillow & Tooth Holder

April 24th, 2012 My Brenden, 6 years old, lost his FIRST tooth!! This is very exciting because he has been waiting & asking about this for over a year!!! 
He told me that he wanted to keep his tooth. I told him that he would have to write a note to the Tooth Fairy if he wanted to keep it. So, ALL BY HIMSELF HE WROTE THIS!!! =) 
"I want to keep my tooth, Please bring the Captain America Lego Set."
on the other side of the note he wrote,
"For the Tooth Fairy, I Love You!"
 I had to explain to him that the Tooth Fairy isn't Santa and normally she brings money or a little treat, NOT lego sets! Otherwise, this would have cost me a FORTUNE!!! =)

This got me thinking about what traditions we want to start with the "Tooth Fairy" and crafts that go along with it! First of all, I wanted to make something special that he can put his notes and teeth in at night before bed AND I also needed to come up with a little container for him to keep his teeth in.
I found a cute idea for a Monster Tooth Pillow on Pinterest but all of them give patterns for you to sew with a machine. I am not really a sewer and I'm sure a lot of you aren't also... so I will show you how I made the pillow with a simple needle and thread! First you need a pillow! I was going to look at garage sales to recover a small pillow but then I remembered my son has this one hanging on his door and it's PERFECT for this craft!!!
 I choose one of his favorite colors in felt and just recovered the front of the pillow. I just turned in the felt and stitched it to the rope edging!
 Here is a close up of one side stitched down!
 Here is a picture of it fully covered! SO CUTE and SO EASY!
 Next, you will need to make the pocket that the tooth & note go into at night and where the Fairy will leave the money and or small treat! This is the monsters mouth! You have a piece of felt in the same color and you cut out "teeth" with white felt. Simply hand stitch the white felt to the pocket. When you are done, simply hand stitch the pocket to the bottom of the pillow, just like the first piece of felt, to make the mouth.
Have your child choose a color of felt for the eyes and two fun buttons. Cut two different size circles out with the felt and hand stitch it where you want it, then add the buttons! I still can't believe I made this when I look at it! SO CUTE and SO EASY!!! My son LOVES it and even named his monster "Toothless".
Now whenever your child loses a tooth you can either put the monster pillow under their pillow OR have it just hang on their doorknob.... I think the doorknob is a lot easier because there is no chance of waking your child up! =)

Now moving on to the Tooth Holder we made! All you need is a baby food jar (or even a small mason jar), small ripped pieces of tissue, and Mod Podge.
 Cover the top of the jar with tape so it doesn't get covered in tissue and Mod podge. Then simply have your child paint on the Mod Podge like glue and add the tissue all over.
 I added a cute tooth reading "Brenden's Teeth" to the front of the jar and then we covered everything in Mod Podge to seal it!
When the Mod Podge dries it looks like a stained glass jar! 
There you have it, Two fun and easy crafts that will help create memories and traditions in your family for all of those lost teeth!

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