Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Q invites, Personalized Cupcake Toppers, and Tiger Cake

I have waited long enough to show you guys a few more things I created for my Tiger theme baby shower. First of all, it was coed so we used the theme of a BaBy Q.  This is just a fun BBQ, with all of your friends to enjoy yourself and in celebration of baby to come! Here is the cute wording I used in the invitation I made!

I also wanted to show you a great idea that you can use for any celebration to come! I was researching tiger cupcakes and decided it would be so much easier to make whatever kind of cupcakes I wanted and then add the decorations this way! It's so simple to make your own personalized cupcakes with these cute toppers. All you need is A few wooden skewers, some scrapbook paper, a hot glue gun, and your printer at home!

I first created as many circles as I could to fit a normal sheet of paper. Then add whatever image you want on your cupcakes. This could be the theme, your child's name, monogram, age, etc. The possibilities are endless with these! Then cut out your circles. As you can see I also made a third set of circles for the backing which are a little larger than the circles with the tigers and monograms on them.

Cut your skewer in four pieces. Then hot glue the skewer between the two circles of paper!

 These personalized cupcake toppers are so CUTE and so EASY for any type of party!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you an easy way to make a tiger cake! Since I put a lot of work into my cupcakes, they were carrot cake with maple cream cheese icing (No white sugar or white flour), I decided to use a box marble cake with pre made chocolate icing! It was so much fun to add the tiger stripes in orange icing, you can't really go wrong on the stripes.... You could switch this and make your icing orange and your stripes with chocolate but I was trying to get the least food coloring possible! =) Also I think its fun to have reverse stripes!

I seriously LUCKED out and found this AWESOME tiger at a garage sale for 25 cents the day before the BBQ!!! It makes for a great topper! They also have plastic animals at the dollar store every once in a while and that's a great deal considering I looked at buying one new and it was half this size for 6 dollars!!! YIKES!

Here is the inside of the cake! Tiger striped even inside! Hope this helps you get creative for your next party without spending a fortune! =)

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