Friday, May 4, 2012

Simple & Fun Accessory for your little Spiderman

Here is a simple, fun, and cheep idea that you can use as an added accessory to your child's Super Hero wardrobe! Especially if you have a child that loves Spiderman! 
All you need is a pack of hairnets! It's about $1.50 at Walmart for a two pack!

All you have to do is cut off the two metal clamps on the hairnet and it opens like the picture on the right!

 Then let your little one go WILD with it! They can throw it ALL over the house.... It won't knock over any furniture because it's such light material! Also, because of the material, it gets stuck to things that you throw it on! See how excited my daughter got when it stuck to the deck post outside!

 My son even came up with this idea to pull a string from the hairnet and wrap it around your fingers....
Then when you throw it, you can pull it back!
***This could also be a fun and cheap accessory to a superhero birthday party!

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