Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pressed Flower Cards: Mother's Day or Any Other Occasion

This project was SO MUCH FUN!!! It's been such nice weather over here in Kansas. We are always finding activities to do outside! One thing my kids LOVE to do is "go exploring". I told them we were going on an exploring adventure with our bike/scooters! We looked at nature, collected flowers etc., and we played at the park! 
 My son was SO excited to find these purple flowers because it's his teachers FAVORITE color! We are not only making Mother's Day cards but since school is ALMOST over, my son wanted to make a card for his teacher!

After all of our fun, I took all of our flower findings and put them in a BIG book and then put a weight on top of the book! It only took a day for them to become beautifully pressed and ready for our craft!

I had the kids choose what flowers they wanted and place them on a blank card however they liked it. You could also just use any nice piece of scrapbook paper... just a long as it's a little thicker than a plain sheet of printing paper.
I then put a little hot glue down to hold the flowers in their place. 

We actually did this part of the project in the basement while waiting out a tornado warning! It was a good thing to keep our minds off of the crazy storm outside! 
 The next step would be to paint a thick layer of Mod Podge over the whole surface of the card! It will give it a nice finished look!

 Here are the finished cards, my son got some yellow marker on the front of one card!
 Beautiful for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Teacher Appreciation, Thank You's, etc.
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