Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Healthy Burger Recipe

One of my families favorite dinners is burgers and fries. Who doesn't love a good burger? What I have tried to do here is add the nutrition to this meal while still keeping the yummy flavor. This way you get to eat a burger and also eat a ton of veggies in the process.

The trick here is to blend a whatever veggies you have on hand in your food processor/blender. If you have picky eaters, you will want to blend your veggies down very fine. This way they won't even be noticeable.
 After blending up your veggies, you simply mix all for your ingredients in a big bowl.
Here is what I use to make my burgers:
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 to 1 1/2 cups of blended up veggies
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Tablespoon of Worcester Sauce *optional
  • Season with salt and pepper  

I like to form my burgers into smaller patties. This way they are perfect size for kids. My family eats them as sliders by cutting up mini whole wheat bagels or rolls. 
Or completely leave out the bread and just eat them as is! 

As you can see below, there are a few chunks of veggies noticeable in my patties. I actually prefer it this way. However, if you make sure you blend your veggies well, no one will be able to notice anything but meat. These patties below have Zucchini, Eggplant, Carrots, Onion, and Celery in them!
 Here is Brenden about to eat his slider.
 Here is the way I serve my baby. His burger cut up in chunks.

I'de like to encourage you to try to add some ground veggies to one of your families favorite recipes. If the recipe calls for ground meat... just try to add about 1/2 to 1 cup of blended raw veggies while you are cooking up the meat. I have told people that I like to use veggies that my kids normally won't just eat on their own. My kids normally don't eat spinach raw so that is one of my favs to add. It can be fresh or frozen! Give it a try and I would love to hear how it goes. Please leave me a comment.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rowen is One~ Cake Smash and Topper

My sweet baby boy turns ONE today! It is said so much but seriously our babies grow up so quickly. It just seems like yesterday I was sitting in my rocker watching him sleep under the lights of the Christmas Tree. 
I soaked up any chance he would sleep in my lap because I knew how fast that stage would come and go.
I never wanted to have one of my babies have their birthday in the same month as Christmas but I have learned to just embrace it. 
One awesome idea I got from a friend is to have a special "Birthday Tree" for your December baby. That way they can have something special just for them. You have it decorated with their own special ornaments and on their birthday you put their presents under their tree. 
 I also themed Rowen's cake smash pictures around Christmas. I had a cute 5 inch cake made in red and green and then I made this fun Christmas tree topper for his cake. These toppers are so fun and easy to make. 
 I made a number 1 for Garren's first birthday and Cake Smash photo shoot. 
All you need is card stock paper. 
Cut it to the shape you want it. Either you can do a number or a shape of something to go with your theme. I then used my colored pencils to draw a one in the christmas tree.
  I hot glued two popsicle sticks in between the paper. 
Then, I sealed the whole thing with Mod Podge. I used sparkle Mod Podge to give it a glittery finish. Using Mod Podge also helps to seal the paper so it can be easily wiped up if you want to save the topper.
Rowen loved his cake!

Here's a little 30 second video of the Cake Smash that my husband put together. 
Enjoy the cuteness!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

DIY Sweet Shop Party Ideas~Part 2

I am not sponsored by Mod Podge but I should be! LOL
I LOVE all of their products and I use something of theirs in almost every project I do. Because of this Sweet Shop party I got to use Collage Clay for the first time. It really was the decretive touch that made a lot of these sweet shop treats look so realistic. I talked about it a little in part one of this blog post since I used it on the cinnamon rolls.
It was the finishing touch to this first project I am going to tell you about.
I have to say the strawberry creme pie was one of my favorite projects and it was also one of the most played with during the party.
 First step to making it was the fun for the whole family. I needed a pie tin and box so I went to Sams Club and bought a pumpkin pie. I like the pies from Sams Club or Costco because they are larger than normal pies. Once I FORCED my family to eat the pie, I cleaned the tin and then rubbed it with cooking oil. Fill the tin 3/4th of the way with spray foam insulation. 
 It will expand so you want to make sure you leave some room.
 After the spray foam insulation is dry you should be able to scrape it out of the pie tin. The cooking oil should have helped it not to stick.
I squirted two different colors of pink acrylic paint to the top of the pie and then Kiki painted the top of it.
 After Kiki finished painting the top and it dried, I used a knife and cut the circle into 8 pie pieces.
I hot glued tan felt to the bottom of each piece of pie to make it look like it had crust.
Now here comes the finishing touch of Mod Podge Collage Clay. I used the star tip for this process.
I added a line of icing all around the edge of the pie. I also lined the bottom of the pie tin with a piece of purple paper that had the sweet shop logo on it. I did this because I couldn't clean up the bottom well enough after filling it with spray foam insulation. I used regular Mod Podge to glue and seal the paper down. In the picture below, I just added the Mod Podge so you can see it isn't dry yet.
Lastly, I wanted to add a finishing touch to the top of each piece of pie. We ended up using real after dinner mints but you can use any trinket, bead, or jewel you have laying around the house. 
I simply squirted a little Collage Clay like icing and the put three mints in it.
I painted the box and added the sweet shop logo to it.
You can tell why this was one of the favorite treats to play with. The girls loved opening the box and serving out pieces of pie with a spatula.
Moving onto how I made the cupcakes, I had this next project ready along with the pie tin for the strawberry creme pie. The reason for this is because once you open and start using a can of spray foam insulation, you will have to throw it away after about 30 minutes because the foam drys in the straw.
I filled 2 muffin tins with cupcake liners and put a small rock in the bottom of each liner. Then I sprayed the insulation foam over each rock. Like the pie tin I filled the each cupcake liner about 3/4th of the way full. Remember it with expand just like it would when you bake a cupcake.
I will tell you, the rock is very important because if you don't add them, the cupcakes with be top heavy.
With 24 Cupcakes we split them up into 3 groups of 8 and made 3 different kinds of cupcakes. Pictured below on the left, we left some as the color of the insulation foam so they were vanilla cupcakes and we used pink Collage Clay and topped it with a pom pom ball. We painted some pink like the color of the strawberry creme pie and topped it with white Collage Clay and a jewel. Then for chocolate cupcakes we painted the foam brown and after it was dry we painted regular Mod Podge over it to give it a little shine. Then topped it off with white Collage Clay and a red pom pom for a cherry! 
The muffin tins we used to display the cupcakes came from the dollar store!
The next little project was to make little clipboards for the kids to be able to take orders. I wanted them to be small enough to fit the pocket in the front of the apron. 
I cut four rectangle piece from the lid of a box.
Then Kiki and I ripped up pieces of colorful paper and Mod Podged them to fully cover each piece of cardboard.
Here they are drying after I painted a coat of regular Mod Podge over top of them.
I found some cute magnetic clips from the dollar section at Target.
I simply clipped some lined paper to each piece of cardboard and there you have it! 
Cute little mini clipboards for taking orders!
I wanted to show you how perfect the size clipboard is for the apron pocket, pictured below. 
Here is an action shot from Kiki's party where she was taking her friends order.
The next thing I did was decorate the walls to make it look more like a sweet shop instead of a beige basement. I created this fun menu and used hearts instead of actual money amounts. This leaves it up to their imagination for buying and selling. I also wanted it to look like there was candy on the wall so I made a fake shelf and colored candy jars that I found as free printables online. I just searched "candy jars coloring page".
I stapled a pink Dollar Store table cloth to the wall. Then I made an awning out of stripped wrapping paper. I stapled the menu and candy shelf on the wall.
I still felt like I needed more decoration to the room so I made another fake shelf with lollipops in vases for the wall on the other side of the menu. I added another table cloth to the wall which happened to match the Sweet Shop awning fabric that Kiki picked out. It was priced under a dollar from Walmart. I must tell you, I love cheap table cloths! It is the best way to change the color in a room instantly and for just a few bucks! 
Then we added white christmas lights around the top of the room.
I wanted to make sure the kids had lots of fake treats to play with but also REAL treats to eat! We stocked the shop with lollipops. The cute pink vase was from the Dollar Store!
I made this cute display for real cookies and candy out of two cake plates from the Dollar Store and a glass candlestick hot glued in the middle.
We had our register filled with fake money, paper and coins, from the Dollar Store.
I found little purses 3 for a dollar at the Dollar Store and I puffy Painted every girls name to the front of them. We added money from the register to each girls purse so they would have some to buy things with in the sweet shop. Putting the names on the purses was such a good idea because I told the girls when they bought real candy that if they didn't want to eat it all to keep it in their purse and they could take it home with them! These purses with a little candy in them were their party favors.
Inside the shop we stocked it up with Dollar Store plastic bowls and plates which I Mod Podged the logo to. There was also spatulas, forks, spoons, and napkins all also from the Dollar Store!
Kiki's jelly bean machine was a fun touch to the shop. 
There was enough treats to go around. I can't even believe there was candy still left over after the party was done!
This post is part 2 of the DIY Sweet Shop Party Ideas, click HERE to see part 1.

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