Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kid Friendly Mini Quiche

I wanted to make a quiche for dinner one night and when I went to the store they were out of pie crust so I just picked up some Crescent rolls instead. I have to admit, I was a little frustrated about this but it ended up being a meal my kids RAVED over! I made these veggie quiche but the great thing about this is you can make a bunch of different flavors because they are mini. 

makes 24 mini quiche
  • 2 packs of refrigerated Crescent rolls
  • 10 eggs
  • 2/3 cup half and half 
  • about 1 cup shredded cheese
  • salt and pepper to season
  • butter/or spray to grease muffin tins
  • about 2-3 cups of filling for your quiche (some ideas I have would be sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, chopped up ham, bacon, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.)
Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

First, I buttered my muffin tins. Then, I opened the crescent roll packages. There are 8 triangles of dough in each package. I ripped the triangles in half and pressed it to the bottom of the tin. You will have a little dough leftover so what I did was add more where I thought I needed it.
This is the step you can basically add any ingredients you want. 
I love the combination of sweet potato and broccoli so I steamed the veggies and then cut them up into little chunks. I think the next time I make this I will add bacon. My family LOVES bacon!
Add a little of your ingredients to each section in your muffin tin. Just try not to let the stuff stick up to high over the top of the tin.
Next, mix your eggs, half & half, and salt & pepper.
After your eggs are well blended pour a little in each section in your muffin tin. Make sure you don't fill it all the way to the top because the eggs will rise. 
Then, sprinkle shredded cheese on top.
Put in the oven and cook for about 20 minutes.
For dinner I added some fresh fruit to each plate.
The crescent rolls made for a perfect crust!!!
The other great thing about these is you can freeze the leftovers and pull them out for an easy and quick breakfast.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Man Eating Plant Halloween Decor

Oh My, It has been a LONG time since I last posted! I can't believe Summer is gone and Fall is here! I got my pumpkin Decor up early! I LOVE pumpkin season and all crafts that have to do with them! I saw this awesome Pin on Pinterest of a Man Eating Plant using a craft pumpkin for the head, from Shirley at Eden Makers. Below is the picture of her Man Eating Plant, if you click on the picture below it will take you to her blog and post!
I absolutely LOVED this idea! My husband and I have been adding plants and working on the front landscape so I thought this would be perfect! It's and plant AND halloween decor at the same time! 
What's best is you hardly need any supplies to make this!

A large branch
one carvable craft pumpkin
a bunch of silk leaves
green spray paint
hot glue or gorilla glue

Here is a few pictures of the branches we chose for this project. I actually made two, one for me and one for my Mom. 
Cut all the large branches off the main body and leave a few small one sticking out.
After you have your branch, its time to cut your craft pumpkin.
Here is the side view to show you the way the mouth goes! Just get creative, it doesn't need to be exactly like mine. You can use a pumpkin carving knife to do this or I just used a regular small knife (just be careful if you do it this way). 
I wanted to use two different colors of green spray paint for this project. I thought it added to the spookiness of the plant. I spray painted the inside of the mouth light green and the outside darker green. I also used this same dark green spray paint to paint the main large branch. 
For my leaves, I found some awesome halloween leaves for 70% off at a craft store. I wanted the leaves to match the pumpkin head so I spray painted the tops of the leaves with dark green and the backs of the leaves with light green. I tried to do it very lightly so I wouldn't cover all the cool detail of the leaves. Below shows the process of painting the leaves.
This next step is the hardest part of the project. On Shirley's blog she just uses hot glue. I found that I was standing there FOREVER waiting for the glue to dry and trying to get it to hold. 
Next time I might use a different glue, like Gorilla glue etc.
We ended up adding some tape to get it to hold a little better and then I spray painted over that.
I will say, I was still nervous about it holding so I just had my husband add a few nails into it with the nail gun and then I felt that it was VERY sturdy! 
Now on Shirley's blog she has a great idea to put the stick into a pot and make it stay with spray foam insulation. If you end up doing it this way, I will tell you that spray foam insulation is very light weight. You will need to add a lot of weight to your pot, before adding the insulation, to be able to hold the weight of your large branch. I thought it was just easier to make sure I had enough straight branch at the bottom to stick into a large potted flower that we already had by our door. I think it also makes it look more realistic when it's sticking out of a pot with a real plant in it.
Below is a picture from Shirley's blog of the spray foam insulation holding the branch in the pot.
Once you have your branch in a pot, hot glue the silk leaves to the smaller branches as you think it looks good. Here is a picture of my finished Man Eating Plant by our front door. He is ready to greet our guests! hehe
A few more cool views of the hungry plant!
"Feed me Seymour"- Little Shop Of Horrors
Here are my little boys reactions to seeing the plant by the front door. 
Rowen couldn't believe it and Garren was ready to fight!
I hope you all have a great October and a fun & SpOoKy Halloween!

Friday, February 19, 2016

DIY Home Kitchen & Breakfast Bar Remodel

When we first bought our house, it was all move in ready with new cabinets and appliances. It even had new granite and tile in the Kitchen and all the bathrooms. However, everything was in a neutral palatte and ALL the walls were the same color beige!!! To me everything felt so dark and I felt like I couldn't even enjoy the nice granite because it all just blended in.
Here is how it looked before...Beige walls, beige tile, beige granite, and brown wood cabinets!
Sorry about the mess on top of my cabinets. We have a TON of lunch boxes! lol
This corner, to me, was always so dark.
The first thing I did was paint the wall a light grey color by Behr called Mineral. I think light paint helps to bring light into a room. I already felt better with this change but really it was the cabinets that take up most of the wall space in the kitchen so I knew what I needed to do next.
There was no way we were going to replace the new cabinets that were in the kitchen, they just needed a facelift. First, the cabinets needed to be primed. Obviously you can't just paint on top of the glossy finish of the cabinets because the paint won't hold. We used Zinsser Cover Stain Primer before we painted to cabinets with Behr white paint. A little goes a long way with this primer. 
The great part about this project is I got my husband on board so I only had to do half the work. My husband's parents have a paint sprayer so he took off all the doors and I only had to stain and paint the actual frame of the cabinets. I used a mini roller and it went by a lot quicker than just using a hand brush for it all.
My husband set up a makeshift paint room in our garage by taping up some plastic drop cloths to the ceiling and also laying them on the ground. We used brick pavers under each cabinet door so they weren't touching the ground.
Here is a picture from me doing a little painting. I don't know how I did it with the kids around but one awesome tip I heard from a guy at Home Depot was that you can wrap up your brush in a plastic bag and it will keep it wet for at least a day. 
I used this tip A LOT!!!
Here is what it looked like after we finished painting this one set of the cabinets. 
We also added handles to the cabinets which we had been using without up until this point. 
We searched all over for a good deal on handles since we needed so many and actually found the best price for the style we wanted at Target.
After we finished the one side we moved over to the other side of the kitchen which was A LOT more work. Here is a picture of some of the process. I tried to pick sections to work on to make it easier on myself. So I started with the top cabinets and then moved to the bottom. This process was so awesome because it also gave me the chance to clean out every cabinet and get rid of stuff we never use! 
In this next picture we almost have all the cabinet doors back on and we are starting to get the handles put on.
You can just tell how much brighter it looks already!
Since we were doing all of these updates to the kitchen, we also decided to update the faucet. 
After shopping around, we found that we really liked the faucets from Ikea but they were almost double the price of this one from Home Depot. We went with cost effective and we are very happy with it.
Along with painting, we also added a fun accent on the sides of the cabinets by the kitchen window. 
We got these cute glass jars from Ikea for a few dollars each. I removed the lids. Then we screwed in two hooks on each side of the cabinets and hung the jars.
We hung three jars and the last hook I use to hang my hand towel. 
All you have to do is add some potting soil and fresh herbs to the jars and there you have it.
The herbs held up well during the warmer months but during the winter it was harder to keep them alive since there wasn't as much sun. 
During the winter we changed out the herbs (pictured on the left) for a succulent (pictured on the right). No matter what you have planted in the jars, they look beautiful and add life to your kitchen.
The final touch to the kitchen, which I have wanted for years, is under cabinet lighting. This can get really expensive depending on what lighting you choose. We found this 4 pack of LED lighting strips for only $19.99 at Ikea!! We bought two packs and that covered all of our cabinets. 
You can see below that it really brings your attention to the tile and helps the counter pop too! A huge difference from when everything was all beige!!!!
We leave these lights on all the time so my favorite time to take in my kitchen is at night where these are the only lights on.
Now I am going to move on to our breakfast bar remodel. 
When we bought this house we KNEW we had to do something with this space. This tiny granite counter is where we have most of our meals. Most of the time Jason or I would have to stand at the table to be able to eat with the whole family.
The first step in changing the breakfast bar had to do with changing the window. If we wanted to bring the table to the wall we had to get a shorter window since the original one went almost to the floor.
Next, we went to Ikea to buy cabinets so I could have more storage. They were phasing out their 12 inch cabinets and all they had left were wall not floor. Jason had to build a frame for the cabinets to sit on. Then he screwed them down.
This picture shows just how small the table top used to be!
Then Jason ripped out the granite.
We found and amazing deal on solid oak counter top at Ikea! We bought two different sizes. The long one is 8 feet. Jason cut them to fit exactly how we wanted them and just had to glue one seam. He clamped them together to dry.
After the glue dried he sanded the top a little.
He did such a great job, you literally can't even see the seam!
We decided that we didn't like the look of the light wood so we stained it.
Then we gave it a coat of polyurethane to help protect the wood and give it some shine.
Look at this baby already enjoying the new cabinets. I put some of his toys in this first one.
Instead of spending a whole bunch of money on buying 6 new bar stools, we made the choice to just purchase 2 more of the same stools we already had. These are not my favorite because they don't clean well at all and they are WHITE!!!! However, they are so comfortable, they spin, and they go up and down which is good for little kids. 
Now there is a spot for everyone in the family at the breakfast bar!
You can also see all of the frame work my husband custom made to fit the space around the window and doorway.
I feel we brought this kitchen to life with just a few changes!
This corner used to be so dark, but now with the painted cabinets and under cabinet lighting, it looks like a completely different kitchen! 
What an amazing transformation! I really feel just a little paint and lighting has helped this California girl not feel so homesick during the winter months. It helps to bring as much light into your home when you are cooped up!
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