Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tissue Pom Poms

Tiger theme party, tissue pom pom
I am getting ready for our Tiger theme BBQ Baby Shower or "B a B y Q"! These Tissue Pom Poms are so easy to make and really add to the decor of any type of party.... Here is the simple instructions!
All you need is 8 sheets of tissue paper in a stack. The length should be longer than the width, but there is really no exact size or color scheme.... I wanted the pom poms all different sizes for my decorations!
You just fold your tissue paper stack like an accordion... about 1 1/2 inches.
After you fold the tissue, round off or give pointed edges with scissors.
 I then tied ribbon to middle of the flooded tissue! Then gently pull the layers apart.
 Here is a finished Pom Pom!

 I got this cute idea from Martha Stewart! If you follow the link she also tells you how to make Pom Pom napkin rings. 
 For my party decorations, I just tacked the string to the ceiling and then curled the rest of the ribbon. I made the lengths different sizes and also added in some balloons to the mix. Add some crepe paper for the finishing touch! I've seen other people tie everything together and make somewhat of a chandelier decoration to hang in one spot. Some people even hang these in their  along with paper lanterns. 
Tiger theme party, tissue pom pom, baby shower
 I will do another Blog post after the Baby Shower is over but for now enjoy this sneak peak!


  1. Anonymous4/27/2012

    Okay, so I did a modified version for Reese's bedroom window. I tied them to her curtain rod, so they don't all hang, but it worked really well. I did 2 medium & 1 large. I am gonna do 2 more small ones tonight, then I will post the picture on Your FB wall.

    1. Thats GREAT Debbs!!! I love the picture! They are really fun AND easy to make! I'm gonna use them all the time for birthdays at my house! They really make the decorations so cool!


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