Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Onesie: Present From Older Siblings

Easy DIY baby onesie, present to baby from sibling
Here is a fun project YOU can do for your new little one OR you can have older siblings help and make their own onesie for the new baby! If baby isn't born yet they can bring it to the hospital the first time they meet! (This is what we are going to do)
What child wouldn't want to give something to their new sibling that they can actually use, see on, and be PROUD of! =) 

All you need is a pack of Steam-A-Seam 2, scraps of cute fabric(in my case I had my kids pic out what they liked at the store), fabric markers, an iron, and something you are going to put your design on (like a onesie in this case). 
You find a cute idea and draw out the outline on a white piece of paper. You flip it over to get the mirror image. With this tie shape the mirror image is the same.
One side of the Steam-A-Seam is designed to peal away VERY easily. So you are going to draw your mirror image on the opposite side!
Then you peel away the easy side and stick your design to the back side of your fabric. Cut on the line with SHARP scissors!
 When you turn fabric over, you will see what it will look like when it's ironed on to the onesie!
Here is where I had the kids color in their tie designs with fabric markers! This was such a fun process! We talked about our babies and how cute they would look and why they were drawing what they were drawing for their sibling!
NEXT step before ironing onto the onesie..... Don't forget to peel the backing off before you lay it on your fabric! It will be sticky so it will hold to the fabric when you place it down!
 Then you simply iron for a few seconds and it is DONE!!!!
 Here are my kids with their finished onesie! Doing this project got us SO EXCITED to see our new little one wearing them! Brenden couldn't stop talking about how much fun it's going to be to have a new baby in the house!
 We were lucky to do this special craft on the day that I watch Gage (I am his nanny). His mommy just had his baby brother Hogan almost three weeks ago. Here is the CUTEST example of Gage's artwork in use! Such a fun present to give to your little sibling!
Brenden wanted to match his baby so he clipped a tie on his tank top.

I also wanted to show you something else I did with this same idea! My Mother In Law made a baby blanket, for my baby on the way, out of fabric I picked out! She did a BEAUTIFUL job and I LOVE the blanket!!!! I can't thank her enough for all of her hard work! I wanted to add a G to the blanket, Might be the new babies first initial! =) So here is the EASY process!

Unlike the tie, the G shows you how I drew it out and just flipped it over to trace the mirror image! 
 Here is my Cute fabric G!!!!

 After ironing it onto the blanket.... Here it is! So cute and so simple!!!! My kids are already coming up with other ideas of where we can iron on designs...not for the baby but for THEM! =) 
Get Creative! 


  1. Anonymous4/12/2012

    These are totally cute. For Christmas this year, I plan on making matching white tshirts for Reese & her 2 cousins, along with white shirts for their American girl dolls. The shirts will all match each other. They will all have their names on them in matching fabric. This gives me lots of ideas on how to do this! :) thanks! Love the blanket personalization too! :)

  2. Anonymous7/02/2012

    Okay. So I couldn't wait till Christmas, and made the shirts. You can see how the turned out on my Facebook.


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