Monday, October 28, 2013

Party Poster Idea~ Mod Podge

I LOVE this idea for any type of party! What child wouldn't want a HUGE picture of themselves up to celebrate THEM!?! I have actually posted about this idea before, HERE.
Staples makes it CHEAP & EASY to make enlarged prints!

Since I was throwing a princess party for my daughter, I decided to build her a large castle out of cardboard! If you want to see how I made it, CLICK HERE!
I thought it would be cool to enlarge a picture of her standing in front of her castle!
Here is the picture I used!
After adding the lettering onto the photo in Illustrator,
I simply uploaded this photo to staples website under the Engineering prints! CLICK HERE to go to their page! They have three sizes to choose from, 18"X24", 24"X36", 36"X48"!
This time I choose to go as LARGE as possible! 
It was only SEVEN dollars for this print 36"X48"!
 We took it home and colored in parts of the picture with crayons and markers!
 This next step added so much extra drama to the photo. My husband said it almost looks a little 3D! 
I simply painted a little sparkle Mod Podge to parts of her dress, tiara, and the number fives in the picture! Can you see the sparkle and shine!?!
A simple decoration to add to any party!

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