Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sharpie Mug: Designed By A Child!

This idea for designing your own mug with a sharpie is all over pinterest!
It's such a great idea!
I have always wanted to try it out!
One day, at my P31 Moms group, they brought all of the stuff for us to do it together. I LOVE mugs but I'm very picky about what I put on them and also their shape.... If I don't like it, I wont use it!
I chose the PERFECT mug out of all that were there! It just feels good to hold. However, I didn't want  to quickly come up with a design right there so I took it home!
I was planning on looking through my kids drawings and transferring a picture they drew on the mug.

That day, my daughter shows me a picture she drew of our family!
It was so cute! I love the little details like how she put a "bun" on my head, how she gave daddy a beard, how yellow she made her hair, and how LITTLE she drew Garren! 
Then I thought, why would I transfer a picture that my kids drew when I have the artist right HERE!?!?
So, I gave Kiki the white mug and a sharpie!
I gave her the direction to draw our family on the mug and she got to work!
 While she was drawing, I researched the project for best results.
I found a few facts that I think are VERY helpful for anyone doing a sharpie mug!
Bree from DIYopolis had some great points from her experience! I will highlight the ones I thought were most important!
  • Choose cheep mugs because their glaze isn't as good which helps the marker bond to the mug better.
  • This tip I WISH I read before I had my daughter draw on the mug! You want to get all of the oils off the mug! Wash it with rubbing alcohol. Once it's clean you need to be carful touching the mug. Next time I will have my child wear gloves!
  • Let the marker fully dry for 24 hours before baking.
  • Place your mug on a cookie sheet in the oven FIRST, then turn the oven on to 425 degrees, not 350 degrees! Most people say 350 but the glaze doesn't get hot enough to bond with the marker. Also, the mug needs to be in the oven to slowly heat up, this prevents cracking.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes, once it goes off just simply turn your oven off.... Let the mug cool with the oven to prevent cracking!

I think the mug turned out AWESOME!!! It is one of my FAVORITE mugs now! Here is a picture I pieced together so you can see all that my daughter drew. I helped her spell out "Our Family" at the top.
Don't forget to date and have your child sign the mug.
I would say this is the perfect gift for Mother's day, Father's day, and for family members at Christmas!
Who wouldn't love a personalized mug by a special child in their life!?!

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  1. I just love this. I'll be on the lookout for plain mugs!


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