Monday, September 30, 2013

Monster Door Decor

I have seen this all over Pinterest, people decorating their doors for Halloween. I wanted to do this project but not make anything scary, just fun! So we made a silly monster! I hope it's not too hard to see with the reflection because we taped our monster to the glass screen door.

We started off measuring our door and rolling out a piece of white paper from our "roll" to fit! We used  both watercolors and acrylic paint in the next step!
First, we painted the circles on with watercolor.
Then we took many different shades of green acrylic paint and finger painted all around the circles! 
If you have kids, you know how much fun this step was for me and my daughter! 
I love the look it gave our monster...all of the different shades of green blended together!
Done Painting!
As our monster was drying, we drew our eyes on a separate sheet of white paper & also our mouth & teeth.
Then I had the kids cut them out.
We used crepe paper and curling ribbon to create hair at the top. We simply taped it on!
We used a glue stick to glue on the eyes, teeth, and mouth.
Once it's was all dry we just taped it up on our screen door!
The kids loved this simple project... such a fun way to get your home ready for Halloween!

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