Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

 I have started Homeschooling Kiki, Kindergarten. I just felt she was ready for more than Preschool. We are using "My Father's World" because a friend who is doing it with her 4 year old recommended it to me! So far, let me tell you I LOVE it! Kiki is still going to Kindergarten next year so there is no pressure on me but it really is laid out well and there are GREAT lessons!
This cute little puzzle came in our package!
I have been trying to think of other ways to use it and I came up with this FUN and EASY game!
I came up with The Alphabet Scavenger Hunt!
It's educational and gets kids on their feet too!
Kiki wants to play this several times a day!

When playing the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt all you need is a puzzle like this. 
ANY Alphabet puzzle will do!
If you don't have one, I've seen them in the dollar store so check there first!

This is seriously simple, all you do is pick one room and scatter the letters around, in plain sight!
You don't want to hide the letters to hard because it will make the game too tough and then it wont be as fun! Remember the letters are scattered so that in itself is complicated for a little one!
You let your child hold the puzzle or have it sitting in one spot in the room. Kiki likes to hold the puzzle. Then tell them that they have to find the Alphabet, in order. I say "Don't touch any other letters, just use your eyes to find the next letter in the puzzle and when you find it you can pick it up!" 
We have also played the game starting from Z and finding the letters backwards! 
This is great because it just helps them get very aquatinted to the whole alphabet!
This also helps with memory because they are going to come across letters and they will need to remember where they were!
Another thing we did was played a "two player" game, Brenden (my second grader) and Kiki worked together to find the letters. Then we switched it up and Brenden started with Z and Kiki started with A and they played till the puzzle was all there! You can, also, time them so they can try and beat their time as they play over and over! Brenden loved this game just as much as Kiki, so it's not just for little ones who don't know the alphabet!
Another thing that I am going to do is play this in our playroom, which is pretty large.... spread out the letters against the walls so they have to run back and forth to get to the next letter!
If you were to play this outdoors to get your child moving I would take two LONG pieces of duct tape and place them on opposite sides of the yard. Then I would place every other letter on the tape. This way they will have to run back and forth to fill up their puzzle in order! For Example, A, C,&  E are on the duct tape at the north end of the yard and B, D, & F are on the duct tape at the south end of the yard!

I hope this sparks ideas to make learning fun with your children!
If you have any other ideas please comment below! 

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