Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Candy Cane Christmas Card Ornament for Kids~ FREE Printable

My kids decided they wanted to give out candy canes to their classes for Christmas. I'm sure this is partly because then Candy Canes would be in our house and they could "SAMPLE" a few along with giving them out!! They also wanted to give out a card with it so I came up with this cute ornament they could decorate and tape to a candy cane!
I think colored pencils are the best to use to color in the ornaments because marker sometimes bleeds through and covers up the letters!
I pulled out my good colored pencils and we colored away while listening to Christmas music!
For a fun touch, I got a few small things of glitter glue from the Target dollar section! Kiki loves glitter glue!
After your ornaments are dry, simply cut them out, tape a candy cane to the back, and have your child sign their name!!
I think they turned out SO CUTE!
If your child isn't in school yet, you can also have your kids make these and hang them on the tree! Whenever a guest comes over they can pull one off the tree and give it to them!

I made it easy for you and added a FREE printable of the ornaments below!!!!

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