Monday, September 1, 2014

Make Your Own Baby Mobile ~ Monster Theme

This is one of my favorite projects to do when I am pregnant! I love to come up with a cute theme for the room that the baby is going in! This was particularly fun because I got to come up with something  for my "little boys" room! For the color scheme, I knew from the start that I was going to use turquoise. If the baby was a girl I was going to combine purple and if the baby was a boy I was going to combine orange!
 After the color scheme was set, I came up with a "Little Monster's" theme.

I pulled out the mobile that I made when Garren was a baby. As you can see I had a Tiger theme for his room with the colors black, cream, and white! Just like my little monsters, I used felt and hand stitched these little tiger faces together!

The first thing I did to get started was take apart the tiger mobile.
Then I spray painted the frame orange.

If you would like to see more to this whole process you can click HERE to see how I changed a Hello Kitty mobile that I made for my daughter to this tiger mobile. It's such a simple process to make your own!
I put together simple cute monsters with felt. 
I wanted to do it the fast way so I hot glued the features on the face but you could hand stitch them if you want. 
This could pose a choking hazard if you allow your baby to actually touch the mobile but they are normally only used while a baby is small AND only to look at! 

After getting the monsters to look like I wanted, I outlined the shape of the body and cut it out for the backing.
I started hand stitching around the edge of the monster.
I left a small opening at the top and stuffed the monster with cotton balls.
Another thing I love to add to the center of my mobiles is a plastic silver ball christmas ornament. Babies love to look at the reflective surface and PLASTIC makes it a safe option.
Here is the finished product of my cute little monster mobile!
Ever since I put the mobile up in the crib, Garren loves to pretend he is a baby and lay under it.
He likes to say which monster is his favorite as they go around.
Here he is watching the monsters while holding the special Dino we built for the baby at Trex Cafe.

This brings me to the other special tradition that we have for our kids. 
We go to Build A Bear or Build A Dino with our child/ren before the baby is born and let them make a special stuffed animal as a present to the baby.
The kids record a special message to the baby, which is sooooo much fun to listen to even years later.
They each get to pick out a heart, kiss it, and put it into the doll before it is stuffed.

Here is a picture of my kids kissing a heart for their new baby brother.
Here is a picture of all of us from our fun trip to Trex Cafe. 
The kids will bring the doll to the hospital to give to the baby when they first meet him!
I have blogged about this fun idea before. 
Click HERE to see that post along with some other fun ideas you can do in preparation for a new baby!


  1. Oh, I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congratulations!!! I didn't realize it's been that long since I stopped by to say hi--I feel bad. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You look amazing, BTW!

    1. Thanks Mia!
      Yes, it has been a lot to deal with along with all of my eye issues! I feel like I have SO MANY doctor apts to make it to every month!!! It is going by so fast and he will be here before Christmas so I will have to get everything done EXTRA early!!! =)
      If you diidnt see this post with our announcement, check it out!
      Its so cute!


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