Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY Fall Door Decor~ Using Dollar Store Items

First of all, I can't believe October is already here!
Knowing the holidays were coming at us so quickly, I was thinking of making a wreath for my door for Halloween/Thanksgiving time! I didn't want to spend a lot of time or money. I wondered if the Dollar Store would have a few things I could put together for fun Decor for my door. What I came up with was so cute, simple to put together, and only cost me a few dollars!!!

First I picked out some Halloween/fall flowers and this cute little crow.
You can use anything you want to add an accent to your flowers. They have so many different decorations there. Since I wanted to keep this up past Halloween, I chose something not so scary!
I put my flowers together the way I liked them then duct taped the stems together at the bottom.
This crow comes with wire on his feet so I simply wrapped him around the stems!
Then I got my dollar Styrofoam pumpkin.... I have also seen these at target in the dollar section with a glitter look. Use whatever you think looks the best for your home!
I used a kitchen knife to cut the pumpkin in half, then cut a little indent at the top for my bouquet to fit into. So your bouquet doesn't stick out in the back you might have to cut some leaves or flowers off to make it lay flat!
I, then, just hot glued the flowers to the pumpkin!
Here is what it looks like all attached together! 
I wanted to add a W for our last name so I painted it on the center of the pumpkin with black acrylic paint.
I sealed the paint on with Sparkle Mod Podge!
This step is not nessary, however, I didn't want my W to ever chip off and I wanted a sparkle look to my pumpkin. I highly suggest using Mod Podge to seal anything you paint on the pumpkin!
Then I tied some curling ribbon to the back of the stems so it could hang on my door.
Get out your wreath hook and hook on your new cute door decor!
Here you can really see the sparkle that the Mod Podge seal gives my pumpkin!
Happy October EVERYONE!!! I hope this gets you inspired to create something for your home this season!

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