Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ideas to make your own Baby Mobile

I don't know if a lot of you are like me but I REALLY don't like the baby mobiles out there on the market! They never have exactly what you want unless you are buying a total bedding package that happens to have a matching one! Also, for my last two kids, BLACK has been one of the main colors!!! If you haven't read my blog before, I am having a baby boy in June 2012 and I am integrating some stuff for him into what is now my daughters room. My daughters room has creamy yellow walls, perfect for a boy or a girl, and the rest of the theme is pink, black, and white! I'm trying to phase out as much of the pink as I can and sticking with the black, white, and cream idea.... 
In 2008, searching for a mobile that matched my color theme for my daughter's room was pointless! I decided to make my own! YOU can do this TOO!!!! I'm telling you it's so easy! I searched thrift stores and gently used stores for an old mobile... I just wanted a simple frame! I cut off the ugly stained bunnies hanging from it and spray painted the frame black! Now, all you need to do is find something you love to hang from the mobile. First, I got a cheap plastic (PLEASE don't use glass) silver christmas ball ornament from our christmas bin! Even if you JUST hang these from the mobile, how cute would that be and your baby would LOVE to stare at it! 
Then, I got VERY lucky and found these cute little Hello Kitty dolls in the dollar section at Target.... My only problem is they had fluorescent green shirts.... Hey, nothing a little paint couldn't fix right!? There you have it! Just single stitch the ribbon to the back of the head and tie it to your mobile frame!!!!
 OK, I'm SAD to see Hello Kitty go but I needed something different for my baby boy!!!! His basic theme is Tigers (Cream, black, and white)! I started thinking about buying four small tiger dolls but they were hard to find! I started browsing on Etsy! If you haven't checked that sight out, it's pretty cool! People hand make stuff and sell it! I was sure that I could find something cute on there!
I came across this Tiger felt keychain! I was like...."$4 dollars for one! I could make this and for a lot cheaper!!!! AND in the exact colors I want!" You have to think this way too! YOU can make what you want! And it has special meaning because of all the work you put into it! 

I searched around for four tiger faces I thought were cute and here is what I came up with!
Cute Stuffed Felt Tiger Keychain Jan

I made these four faces with felt, a simple needle and thread, cotton balls for stuffing, and a little hot glue on the small felt pieces! I am not a sewer! I normally give everything to my mother in law (she is making the crib sheets, bed skirt, and diaper changing pad for the room! I LOVE her!), so I know you can do this too! =)
 I bought some "white tiger" ribbon (some would call it zebra but I say WHITE TIGER! hehe)... and sewed it to the back of each tiger head and then tied it to the mobile frame!
 I mod podged the main tiger face I have used for my boy's theme to the top of the mobile. If you haven't seen it before, I painted this tiger face on a canvas for the baby's room. Check it out here!
 There you have it, a homemade baby mobile! Perfect for my baby's room theme! I couldn't buy this anywhere!
I also wanted to point out that you want to make sure, when sewing the ribbon onto the items on your mobile, that you kind of slant them down because the second picture is what your baby will see when laying in bed! Hope this inspires you!!!


  1. Zane just said, "That's pretty cool!" Nice job!

  2. Awesome Colleen! So cute!!

  3. Hmmm....very cute. I love the tigers and the zebra ribbon. Maybe something foresty for my babe...you know, fox, bear, squirrel, rabbit--that kind of thing.

    1. Mia, that sounds cute! Good for boy or girl!!! I can't wait to see what you do!!!

  4. jULIET aPPLEGATE11/16/2012

    Even if I don't use your exact craft ideas, you are so gushing over with creativity and PRACTICALity that you inspire me to do more. Your brownies with kale hiding inside is a riot. You are extremely talented, but your sweet humility is beautiful, and keeps us involved. I loved the recycled mobiles. I wish I was Kiki.

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment!!! It really made my day! Yes,all of my friends know I hide veggies in everything and always question my creations! =) I love that my blog is inspiring to you! That is the main reason I do it!

      It was very hard for me to change the Hello Kitty mobile to the Tiger one because I loved it so much! However the tiger mobile is one of my son's FAVORITE toys!!! He LOVES the tiger faces!


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