Sunday, March 4, 2012

A few more of my paintings

Just for fun, I wanted to show you guys some of the paintings I have done for my friends children! I love doing these! Most of the time I paint in a 2D form and keep it simple with the colors!

This first one I really love! This is of a girl I used to nanny. She was changing up her room and the striped pattern on the painting was like one side of her new bed sheets! She loves to sing and act so I had a little photo shoot with her and chose my favorite shot. I turned the photo black and white and then pulled out one layer to be painted on the large canvas! 

My friend Karen is having a little girl and she mentioned on Facebook that she wanted this wall decal online. I was like, DON'T spend your money! I will paint it.... A couple hours after I painted it, I gave it to her! Wall decal websites are good websites to get ideas and then paint them yourself on a canvas! The ideas are already so simple and really cute!

 LOVE this one! I did this for a good friend when she was having her beautiful baby boy! They named him with his initials matching his fathers business. Mike, the Horn Dr., has such a great business fixing and making horns in the local Kansas City Area. You really need to check out his website. If you are ever in need of a horn, he's your man! BAC Horn Doctor, by the way my husband designed his website and does a lot of his horn videos!

This last one is soooooo cute, I had to add it! It is of my son and his best friend! As you can see, I changed a colored shot to black and white. Then I tried to pull out a few layers to paint....This one was a little more complicated, but turned out SO CUTE!

No matter your skill level, I hope this inspires you to get a canvas and just try to paint something on your own! It's so fulfilling!


  1. I love the painting you did for us sooo much! For the photo ones, how do you pull out a layer? By sight or somehow on the computer?

  2. Sara, All you have to do is print out your black and white picture and then put tracing paper over your pic...
    Just color in the dark parts and then take the tracing paper to kinkos and copy it as large as you want your painting! It's really simple!

  3. I don't recommend a picture like the one of Brenden and Zane with the cookies to start with....That one was complicated because I have more than one layer.... but a simple one color face shot is not hard!


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