Friday, March 9, 2012

EASY Crepes (option for dairy free)

Today is my son's first day of Spring Break so I decided to make a special breakfast! I never made Crepes before because probably like most of you think, they are hard to deal with because they are so thin and they will break so easily! These were PERFECT EVERY TIME! You have to try this recipe, they are SO EASY and SO GOOD! Here's what you will need and it makes about 8 medium size crepes:

Wet Ingredients
3 eggs
1 cup milk (or substitute)
1 cup water
3 Tablespoons butter (or substitute) melted

Dry Ingredients
1 1/2 cups flour (I used spelt flour but you can use what you have)
1/4 teaspoon salt

All you have to do is whisk the wet ingredients in a large bowl. Then whisk in your dry ingredients until all mixed well with no lumps.

For this next step I used my griddle but you can use a regular frying pan. I buttered up the hot griddle. With a soup ladle I scooped about 1/4 cup of the batter and poured it onto the hot surface. I used the bottom of the ladle to smooth out the batter and make as large of a circle as I could. It seriously cooked up in a minute and then I could easily turn it over without it breaking! AWESOME! *TIP* Just make sure you cooking surface is hot before adding batter!
 My babies excited to gobble breakfast!
 Here are a few ideas you can do to spice up your crepe!
*What I did for my kids is simply add a little agave (natural sweetener) and cinnamon, fresh cut fruit, and for a fun look a sprinkle of powdered sugar! You can also add yogurt with the fruit.
Hey, you can even give your kids the yogurt and fruit separate and let them decorate their crepe the way they like it, "funny face" style! =)
*You can make you favorite omelet and add it to the center. I would say a good combo would be spinach, egg, and ham!
*You can add a little cottage cheese to the middle along with fresh fruit.
*You can add a yummy spinach salad.
*Another yummy idea I got was from my honeymoon. Jason and I had the BEST Ham, Apple, and Brie crepe in Florida... such a good filling!
*Or how about nut butter and jelly or just butter and jelly or some Nutella!

UPDATE: I make this recipe once a week for my family! My kids beg for them! They have made up many different combinations inside their crepes but I wanted to share the two favorites!
*"Crepe Sundae"- Vanilla yogurt, cherries, and for added fun a few rainbow sprinkles
*bacon (bacon bits or fresh and cut up) & cream cheese

Crepes are good for ANY meal of the day! Everyone in the family will love this treat!


  1. Looks amazing and YUMO! Spelt's a great flour - try buckwheat sometime and then it'll be grain free. B/c of Zane's egg allergy, we aren't doing eggs now. So sad for us - boohoo!!! :(

  2. Kate, sorry about the no eggs! Have you ever tried to use a little flax meal and let it sit in hot water for 5 min as a substitute for an egg? I don't know how well it would work in this recipe but its a cool sub! =) Def. will have to try buckwheat next time! I usually have some in my fridge....! =)


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