Friday, March 16, 2012

Travel Coin Chart

 Due to such a LARGE response to my Coin Chart, A Behavioral and financial plan for you 2/6 year old, I wanted to show you all what I have done when we go on trips. You need to have your system with you wherever you go! Especially when you are taking a family trip, you want your child to behave so the family can relax and most importantly HAVE FUN! I made a travel chart for my son out of a simple file folder! You can see from the picture above that we have used this chart MANY times! We LOVE to travel to California a few times a year! 

Ok, so here it is! When you open up the folder you see the coins at the top. I used actual nickels! My son LOVED this and we just painted them different colors! The ten sticker chart system is below with a column on the right for GOALS. Then below that I added some fun stickers that I know he would like to choose from and don't forget you need a space to put the coins when your child looses one! 

This is a perfect size chart to just slip into your backpack and have with you at all times! The best thing is you child can earn something special, just for them, when you on the trip for their good behavior...
A close up shot of the nickles. You just attach them with Velcro and hot glue.... I used the softer side on the actual coin and the scratchy side on the chart!


  1. You are amazing! haha We are going on a road trip soon, and I was thinking of ways I could bring their coins along with us! Thank you!

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