Monday, February 20, 2012

Mod Podge Tiger Painting

I never told the Blog world that we found out that we are having a baby BOY!!!! Here are big brother and sister holding up the first picture of their brother! We have already chosen a Tiger theme to incorporate into Keaten's room which is decorated mostly black, white, and pink. Just to add, Kiki doesn't actually sleep in this room because she shares the bunk bed with her brother. Her toys and her clothing are in the room but it is used mainly as a guest room right now so it's not hard to bring back some baby stuff! I decided to phase out a little of the pink and stick with black, white, and cream.

Here is the first step in the transformation. I had to paint my little guy something. I took an old painting that we were never going to put up in our house and used the canvas, FREE! Then I bought 4 pieces of some antique looking scrapbook paper and ripped then up. Got my trusty Mod Podge and covered the whole canvas. For more information on how to Mod Podge and what it is, here is an old blog I did on it.

With pencil I drew my Tiger face on top of the Mod Podge papered canvas.

Here is the before and after.... Taking out some of the feminine and adding some masculine. Sorry, the chandelier is not being removed! I LOVE it! =)

I will keep you posted as new transformations arise! 

I LOVE painting for children and I have done a few over the years for different friends. I will show you the ones that I have painted for my other two kids. Here is the whole wall of "Keaten's" room... Before she was born I painted this picture of Eloise and her dog as inspiration for her room!

I couldn't dig up the picture of the first two paintings I did for Brenden's baby room but right before Kiki was born I painted this BIG Gorilla for him! He has always loved Gorillas!


  1. great job... you are quite the artist. I really like the tiger.

  2. Thanks Lauren! It's going to be our little guys nickname so I'm really having fun coming up with things I can make! I cant wait to post about his Mobile when I finish making it! =)

  3. Love the tiger, gorilla, and Eloise! You're an awesome artist!


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