Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Smoothies

We FINALLY got a day of snow here in Kansas!!! Very little but enough to do an activity with it! I know everyone makes ice cream but I have a son home with Croup and I'm sure none of us need extra sugar added to our diet with all this sickness going around! I came up with a fun HEALTHY snack to make with your fresh snow! SNOW SMOOTHIES! You can make yours however you want with what you have in your kitchen....
Here is what I had and sorry for some of the blurry pictures! My phone camera is going downhill since I use it SOOOO much!!!
We added a little watermelon, a banana, some yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, and orange juice!
My son added in the yogurt, which by the way has fruits and veggies in it! It's pretty cool that they are coming out with stuff like this, it's marketed for babies but ANYONE can eat it! The only thing I wish they would leave out is the added sugar!

 My son had fun cutting the banana with a butter knife, while my daughter added the pieces to the blender!
Now for the FUN ingredient! I filled up a bowl with fresh snow! 
Love their faces when they saw the "secret" ingredient!
They took turns putting a scoop each in until the snow was gone! 
Love my daughter reaction to the blender! "It's too loud!" Do any of your little ones do this? =)
This was my first time trying this and I LOVED the consistency that the snow gave the smoothie! SO GOOD! Now I'm gunna be sad the rest of the year when we make smoothies because we won't have any of our "secret" ingredient! 
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