Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our New Kitchen Bar (Home Renovation)

 I wanted to show off ALL the hard work my husband has POURED into our house in the past month! We have always hated this wall between our kitchen/dining room. I also hated having an exposed trash can so I had an idea for my husband to put in a bar that would bring the two rooms together....My husband made it happen! The before pictures.... black trash went where the Whole Foods bag is!

 Fun Times breaking out the wall!
Can you see my son peeking through? =)

We bought some pre made cabinets from Home Depot (20% off I might add). Then my husband did some tweaking to make them fit our needs...Don't forget the wine rack! 

We started painting, the same color as our other cabinets.
WAIT, I almost forgot to mention ALL of the electrical rewiring he had to do to get the new light switches in place because the light switch used to be on the wall we removed!!!
The next part is my FAVORITE of this whole project! What were we going to do for the counter top you ask!? My husband bought some REALLY old wood and with the help of his brother, who by the way is AWESOME, they planed and joined the wood.

 They brought it over in two pieces and joined the rest at our house!

After it was dry, we took it to the garage and sanded, stained, and polyurethaned the wood!
My husband did a glaze treatment to the cabinets and added the hardware.
 We brought the top up and screwed it down then put up a little tile backsplash.

We FINALLY changed the old linoleum which is pictured above if you want to see how UGLY it was!
And here is the finished bar area! We still have so much more work to go but I couldn't hold out on the awesome transformation that has already taken place! May it inspire you to create in your home!
Update from 2016:
We moved about 3 years ago and my husband has done a ton of remodeling to our new home. To check out the kitchen and breakfast bar remodel click HERE.


  1. Jason Wickersheim2/18/2012

    What do you mean by "so much more work to go". :)

  2. Hey - your comment button is back - YEA! Anywho - it looks awesome - way to go!

  3. Yes Kate,
    Jason had to help me with this because I wasn't getting comments!!! Now everything should be working right!

  4. Wow! Your husband is very skilled. I love the color of the counter top. It matches the color of the cabinet and the tiles, too. Great job! I’m looking forward to see more home improvement news from you.


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