Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo Valentine and Lego Valentine Box

I thought I would share with you all the cute Valentines we made for Brenden's Kindergarten class this year! I LOVE anything with a picture on it and suckers are my(and my kids) favorite candy! So simple and inexpensive!

First you need to take a picture of your child or children with their fist out. Then go get it printed in one hour photo... I got wallet size, 17 cents for two pictures! Then cut out your picture and with a knife cut two slits, one above and one below your child's hand.

You can give it to friends just like above but because my sons teacher wanted the children to have practice writing numbers and names we hot glued a paper backing onto each picture! He wrote out ALL 23 friends names, a number per child, and his name on the Valentines! It took a while but I'm very proud of his hard work! Good practice for any young child! =)

We were also supposed to bring a shoe box to hold all of his cards and goodies in for his Valentines party! Here is a simple and fun idea for your Lego lover! You can even do this for your child just to have to carry some of their legos in! If your child is like mine, they like to bring a few legos in the car and on short trips.

 All you need are a few empty TP/Paper towel rolls. I cut them about every two inches, for this you will need 12 two inch pieces. 8 of the pieces you will cut one opening and the other 4 you will cut completely in half (these will be used to make your circle a little larger).

Insert your extra piece in your circle to make it a little larger and tape or glue together.

Hot glue a piece of cardboard to the tops of each cylinder piece. I used an old cereal box. Then hot glue each cylinder to the top of your shoe box, the way a lego brick would look.

 Then spray paint the color of your choice and have your child decorate it the way they want to!

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