Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pop the Balloon Game!

I promised something fun! 
My son Brenden inspired me to do something with balloons! He had an idea to put little balls of play dough in a balloon. Its fun to play with and it makes cool sounds when you shake it! I wanted to make a game out of it so I surprised the kids with 3 packages of mini lego figures. If you have never seen these, its just different lego guys that come in a small bag, all in pieces! 
 Here are the three characters all in a pile, straight from their bags! I figured they would all be a good size to fit into little water balloons.
 Here is a picture of one of the pieces going into a little balloon.
 After the piece was mostly stuffed into the balloon, I stuck my balloon pump in there to get it blown up! The mini balloons WOULDN'T get blown up without a pump!!!
 This process took a little while but they were with me through the whole process because I was documenting for the Blog. If I were you, I would do the blowing up balloons by myself and then let the kids have a surprise when they play the game! They won't know what is inside!

 Put all the balloons in a pile. Count down and then they get to pop the balloons by sitting on them!
 The water balloons are so much easier to pop, especially if you have little kids playing! However, I had a little trouble fitting certain lego pieces into them so I added a couple large balloons in the mix.
Below you can actually see the legos inside the balloon that Brenden is about to pop!
 Here are the three lego guys we got, put together after the game!
Now, we played with Legos, but there are many ideas of things you can use to put inside the balloons! Since its Halloween time, you can put a single SMALL piece of wrapped candy or a spider ring inside!
If you are doing this for a birthday party you can use small party favors like silly bands and other fun prizes, just make sure its something they can't break when sitting on the balloon!

*My suggestion after playing this game is little water balloons for younger children. It's not fun if they are struggling to pop the balloon. Save the large balloons for bigger (school age) children. Part of the fun is watching them struggle to pop the balloons! =)

Check out this short video of my kids playing the game!


  1. Fun - didn't know about those Lego figures...have to check that out! Thanks for the ideas - keep them coming!

  2. They are normally about 2.99 - 3.99 for a guy! When the first series came out, they were only 1.99!!!! You don't know what you are getting in each packet, but I've become a PRO at feeling who is inside before buying.... never been wrong yet.

  3. I can get them at Target or Walmart?

  4. This is the first time I've seen them at target... They were 2.99 on an endcap by the Legos in the toy section!


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