Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Craft: Balloon Ghosts

Ghost Balloons are an easy cheap fun craft to make with your child to decorate your house or just to play with! It's so nice to have decorations that kids could just grab off the wall, throw around a bit, and then hang back up! If they get destroyed during playtime, just make more! =) All you will need is:
  • a white plastic grocery bag
  • a white balloon
  • a sharpie marker
  • a piece of string (about 3 feet long)

Here is my ALL white plastic grocery bag...

 If you can actually find a plastic bag with no logos on it, you got lucky and you just have to cut off the handles at the bottom.
Most peoples plastic bags are from Target or Walmart so you will need two bags! Cut off the handles on the bottom, as pictured above, then cut all of the logo side out! Repeat this step with another plastic bag. Discard the logo side of the bags and just keep you two plain white sides.
Then cut bag into strips about an inch thick. They don't have to be perfect! You can even let older kids do this part! Stop a few inches from the top of the bag. Then set aside.
 Blow up your white balloon and have you child draw a spooky face on it with a black sharpie, Tie side up!
 Tape your plastic bag around the bottom of the balloon, tie a string to the top, and there you have it! A fun halloween toy/decoration!
Here is a video of my daughter playing with her ghost balloon! Fun Times!

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  1. These look fun AND awesome decorations. I just want to do everything you blog about!!


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