Sunday, October 30, 2011

Homemade Tron costume

If you know my son Brenden then you know that he is in costumes more than regular clothing! His costumes mean a lot to him! We happened to be searching Netflix last week and saw that they added the newest Tron movie. My son fell in love with the costumes and their weapons. If you have a Netflix account and haven't seen the movie, you can watch it now on instant streaming! Furthermore, He begged me to get him a Tron costume so he could be that for Halloween. I looked online and they were sold out most places and when I found ONE place that had the costume in stock, without identity disk, it was around 50 dollars! NOT happening! =) I remembered that my mom gave him a SWAT team costume that was big so I was saving it till this coming christmas.... It was PERFECT because once you take off the "bulletproof vest" it was an all black suit! So here is what I did to make his homemade Tron costume!

I spent 4 dollars at Michaels on glow in the dark puffy paints, blue and natural colors. Then painted out the design on the all black suit by looking at a picture of the real costume online.

 For his Identity Disk, we had a small frisbee so my husband cut out the center with a jigsaw and spray painted it black!
 I had some black Velcro so I hot glued the soft side to the back of the costume and the ruff side to the frisbee (identity disk).

 Here you can kind of see all the Velcro I put on the back. I tried to put a lot in hopes that he could take the disk on and off all by himself. 

This is what the Identity Disk looks like on the back of the costume. He can successfully take it off and put it back on all by himself!
 Here is my boy in his new costume playing in the dark garage! =)
 A glow in the dark shot!
   tron costume
Tron boy climbing the walls!

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween tomorrow! Stay safe and get lots of treats! =)


  1. seriously awesome creativity! Just what I needed to figure out a tron costume for my son!! Thanks!! :O)

  2. Wow, what a great job! My 7 year old loves this and is requesting it! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas & hard work.

  3. This is cool! How long did it glow?

    1. This was done such a long time ago. I don't remember exactly how long but if it started to dim we shined a lamp on it and it would get brighter! SO FUN!


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