Saturday, October 20, 2012

Candy Corn Tree Centerpiece

This is my second year bringing out this cute centerpiece! I love it because it is great for TWO holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Pumpkins are a perfect decoration to merge the two holidays together! It's a lot of work putting up decorations and then taring them down to bring out the next theme! Also, I love this idea because it helps get rid of all the extra candy from Halloween because your guests can enjoy! =) I call it a "centerpiece" but you can also place it in your entryway for people just stopping by!

Here's what you need:
  • A cute bucket or vase preferably pumpkin theme (I got mine for $2.50 at target last year)
  • a few rocks
  • a bunch of sticks
  • foil/press and seal
  • candy corn
  • hot glue
  • spray paint (black)
To get started, this is the best part! Go to a park or on a walk with your kids and have them find you some "special" rocks and sticks! I had to break down the sticks to make some of them fit the size I wanted! Then you are going to spray paint your sticks black, you don't have to use that color but I liked it best for Halloween! Gather the sticks together the way you want them and tape together at the bottom.

Then wrap the bottom of your sticks with foil and insert into your bucket! This helps to hold them in place!
Then add your rocks! These help to give the bucket some weight so it won't tip over!
Now, since you will be adding candy to the top, place a layer of press and seal or foil so there are no rocks showing!
Hot glue a few pieces of candy corn to the tips of the branches! When the branches are really thin, it helps to take two pieces of candy corn and glue the branch between them!
Now, here's the fun part! Fill your base with YUMMY candy that can be shared with family and friends around the holidays! We used candy corn and pumpkin spice kisses!
Or as I stated above, fill the base with leftover candy from Halloween!

My favorite part of this project was when my Kiki said,
"We make a great team Mommy!"
I just set ours out yesterday, we had our neighbors over, and I think the candy is almost GONE! =) They all got a kick out of it! The only problem you might have is with your own children constantly filling up on candy! I just threaten to throw it all out, which I have done before so they know I MEAN IT, and they stop! You could also spray paint your rocks black and just have those in the bottom if candy is a problem!
It's so simple to make and so cute to help decorate your house for the season!
You can also make fun homemade ornaments for the season and let your kids hang them on the sticks!

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