Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas List Keepsake Ornament

Every year I get one ornament for each kid. I like it to be something that they were really into or something they really loved at that age! I remember seeing this CUTE idea last year at Christmastime but already had my kids ornaments so I remembered it for this year. Of course I changed it up a little by using one of my favorite crafts supplies, Mod Podge!
This Christmas list ornament is the cutest keepsake! It will be so much fun to look back on what your children were hoping for throughout the years! 
What you will need:
  • Large wooden spool
  • Paint
  • Little piece of ribbon
  • Paper
  • Mod Podge

Let your kids paint their wooden spool.
 Then once it is dry, you will want to seal it with Mod Podge. I also wanted a glittery look to mine so I used the Sparkle finish Mod Podge.
 Once dry, the Mod Podge gives the spool a pretty finished look!
 Next you want to cut out a piece of paper about the width of the center of the spool and the length long enough to be wrapped around the spool with about an inch extra. This paper should be scrapbook paper thickness. Next you just cut out a white piece of paper to fit inside your first piece, as pictured below. 
 Now, write you title (____ Christmas List 2012) and a few of your child's wishes for christmas with a sharpie. To make this a little neater you could also type and print this part out. Next, paint a little Mod Podge on the back of your list and "glue" it in place.
  Mod Podge the list around the spool! Once it wraps all the way around, let a little stick out.
 Next, I used matte finish Mod Podge and sealed the writing on the white paper. I could have used sparkle in this but I didn't what glitter on top of the writing! This is all personal preference. Then get a nice ribbon, put it through the center of the spool, and tie it at the top.
 There you have it! A cute and simple keepsake ornament that you and you kids will enjoy for years to come!

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