Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healthy Birthday School Treat

I have blogged about this idea before! I have always tried to come up with a fun and simple treat that most kids would like but at the same time it is HEALTHY!!! 

Last year I made these cute butterflies filled with fruit! If you want to see the post just click on the picture! The only thing is it takes a little time to make and it takes A LOT of fruit!!! Fruit can add up in cost so I was trying to find a better option to these fruit butterflies!
I found these cute little cups. They are only about $2.95 for 50 cups!
I bought some different types of fruit that most kids would like.
If you chose mandarin oranges, try to get cups with %100 juice. When the fruit cups say "in light syrup" it means they are storing the fruit in sugar water..... or even worse, some are stored in water with artificial sweetener! Just make sure you read the ingredients list.
 I cut the fruit up in bite size pieces!
 As you add fruit to the cups you can see that you don't need much to fill it up!
 I added two marshmallows to the top for a sweet touch but you can leave this out if you don't want the added sugar!
 I made up 40 of these for my daughters 5th birthday and all of the kids (and adults) LOVED them!!!
 For my son's 8th birthday I wanted to add something to the cups to make it "cooler" to give to his second grade class. I found some Skylanders stickers so we added one sticker to each fruit cup lid. Simple as that! 
Now, my son had Skylanders fruit cups to give to his class for his birthday treat!
My kids love these so much that we ended up making extra and putting them in the fridge. When they get hungry, I let them go in the fridge and pull one out for a snack!


  1. Where did you buy the cups from? Great idea!!

    1. The past two times I found them at target but I've seen them at walmart.... They are in the same place you find paper plates and plastic cups!


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