Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY Bird Bath~ Under $20

Ever Since I got a bird feeder, I have been wanting to buy a bird bath.
We have been working really hard on the deck and landscaping since the weather has gotten nicer. I thought a bird bath would be a great piece of art to the outdoor decor along with serving a purpose to our neighborhood birds. I have shopped around for bird baths and they are NOT cheap!! I decided to search the internet for DIY bird bath ideas! I was so surprised to see that it is actually very easy to make your own AND considerably less expensive!
There were so many ideas!!!! Some people used flower pots to make theirs. 
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Some people used old lamp stands for the base of their bird bath and my favorite was someone who just used birch sticks for their base! 
Really you can use just about anything! 
 I wanted to have kind of a "Mad Hatter" look to my Bird Bath. I feel like I lucked out on my trip to the Thrift Store! I got all of these miscellaneous items for around 10 dollars!!! The large pitcher and Asian tea pot are my favorite! 
 The trick to this whole project is simply Gorilla Glue! 
I have never used it before this project so I was pretty skeptical that it would actually hold all of these pieces together. 
First thing I did before glueing anything was fill the large pitcher with rocks to give my bird bath a heavy base. Then I glued my first 3 pieces together. 
I lightly wiped the area I was going to glue with a wet paper towel and then added my glue. It literally only takes about an hour for a strong bond to form! 
The only thing I will watch next time is that the glue foams and expands. You can see the white foam between the mug and red vase. I would be more careful how much glue I use and in wiping it up as it forms because when you spray paint over top of it it really shows up!
 I looked through my leftover spray paint cans and found this lavender color. 
 I also wanted to add a cute accent to the top plate which I was leaving white. I found this little trinket at the thrift store. I let my little son Garren hold it, and the next thing I knew the birds were broken off of it! LOL 
 It was a blessing in disguise because I ended up spray painting the birds and gluing them to the side of the plate.
 I am thrilled with the finished product! I think next time I might make it just a little bit shorter but I think it is a great usable sculpture to add to our landscape. For now it is resting on our deck until my husband lays landscaping bricks around the side of the house!

 This picture shows where I hung my little bird feeder. I can't wait to get the bird bath in the landscaping below. It is so fun to watch the birds at all hours from my kitchen window! It makes washing dishes at little more tolerable! =)

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