Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beaded Wreath

Here is a simple holiday craft that is very good for little ones! Beading helps to develop fine motor skills and can be frustrating for younger children but doing it this way will help your child feel proud that they can bead AND by themselves! What you will need to make Beaded Wreaths:
  • Different types of beads (I chose a green package and metallic stars)
  • 16 Gauge craft wire
  • wire cutter (out of your tool box)
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun

Here is the secret! When you use craft wire your child won't have that many problems trying to get the bead on by themselves! You know how frustrating it is using string!!! First step is to measure out your wire and cut it with wire cutter. I measured the kids at about a foot (12 in) and mine I just went longer and didn't measure. Then the next step is to take one bead and wrap the wire around it so when your kids are beading, it will stop at that end. Give your child a plate of beads and let them create!

Here's my girl with her finished circle of beads!

 As you can see, at the top of my sons wreath, I left a little wire and made a loop so you can hang it from there! I also wanted to show you that my son, by himself, made this a school lesson without even knowing it! He counted out green beads 10, 9, 8, 7,,,,down to zero and placed stars in between them! That's his pattern! Patterns are a HUGE part of early math!

Then I took a piece of ribbon and hot glued it into a bow and hot glued it to the top of the wreath. Another idea you could do for this is one of those already made bows that you just stick on presents!

Here are all of our homemade wreaths! There is a different bow on mine for another way to make it! Finishing touch is to puffy paint the year and child's named on their wreath! REMEMBER: this is also a wonderful gift that your child can feel proud of to give to a family member!
Another idea you could do with this is make a bunch of small wreaths and you can hang them as ornaments on your tree!

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