Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hidden Name Ink Drawings

I went searching for one of my old sketchbooks from 99/00, thanks to my friend Kalen!
I thought that I would open it up and show all of you some of my drawings. These black ink drawings all have a similar theme. I love lettering and I loved trying to hide words into pictures. 
Basically, what I would do is come up with a main theme or picture that I was going to draw. Then after coming up with a picture I would try to work the name into what I was going to draw. A lot of times I would try to work with the letter in the middle of the name I was drawing.
For Example, This one is of my old cat's name Kayla. I first incorporated the Y in the middle of the cats face and as the nose. Then, after getting most of the face drawn, I would incorporate the rest of the name to the picture. 
The awesome thing about lettering is that they can be transformed to fit into any shape!
In this next example, I started with the A, in the name Suzanne, as the bottom part of the butterfly's body. Then after drawing the main outline shape of the butterfly, I worked the rest of the name in!
My friend Adrian loves cars and especially BMW's!!! So what I did for his name was used the BMW symbol as the dot in the i of his name!
My friend Aaron is Irish so I used a clover to draw his name around!
This one I drew of, My man, Jason's name....At the time he had a 1963 Bug so I drew his name in the shape of one. I love how the O in his name is one of the wheels of the bug!
This one says Ali in the "lava"part of the lamp. Can you see it?
One of my friends named Randy was always skateboarding...
This flower says Nicole.
This one was from when Christina Aguilera came out with "Genie in a Bottle".  I love how I used the C in her name as the handle on the bottle. Then I simply worked the rest of her name into the bottle shape.
 Pokemon was really big when I was doing a lot of these sketches! I had kids asking me if I could do their names in a specific character.... Sorry I don't remember the Pokemon characters names... maybe you do!?
This first character had 9 tails and I drew the name in says Weston! Can you see it?
As you can see, the sky is the limit with this type of art! 
This one says Eric... you can see it in the wings! 

 One of the greatest things I have gotten to do with my art was design a tattoo for Tyrone Wells. I used to sketch with my friend Dar at some of the places that Tyrone's old band Skypark used to play at. He is now a solo artist!
Here is a drawing I did of his name using his face as the O!
He liked my style of hiding things in a simple way and asked if I could come up with an armband tattoo that represented the three most important things to him, at the time. The three things were God, People, and Music! After a few sketches and playing around with ideas, I came up with this!
If you can see the word GOD is at the center. Then the O in God is the head of two people going out both to the left and to the right. Lastly, between the legs of the people are music notes which also form the heads of more people!
Here is an old picture I took of Tyrone after he got the tattoo! Sorry, it doesn't really do it justice!
Tyrone is a great song writer and he has a BEAUTIFUL voice! You might have heard some of his music walking through a store or on tv/movies without even knowing it. You have to check him out!

I also wanted to add these pictures from a concert we took Brenden to when he was 16 months old, 2007! Leah Nash, from Sixpence None The Richer, was playing with Tyrone!
I will leave you with one of his music videos, also click HERE if you want to check out his website and tour dates! I was lucky to meet and know him before he got BIG! =)


  1. WOW! I missed this blog back in January but am so glad I went back to read it because your artwork is amazing!!! So cool!

  2. Hi! Do you make custom work?


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