Saturday, January 5, 2013

Squinkie Case Necklace

 Squinkies have been around for a while and if you have kids over 4 years old you probably have some of these fun little figures in your home. A normal package comes with about 12 Squinkies and they all come with a plastic ball case. They have figures for boys and girls so both of my big kids love them! My kids love to play with the figures but, most of the time, I find the plastic cases all over the house! 
The cases are so cool that I couldn't bring myself to throwing them all away.
I knew I could come up with some kind of craft using them.

The ball shape and size reminds me of a bead so I thought that I would try and make necklaces out of them. This is what I came up with.

The idea is simple, you just close the case over a piece of cool ribbon.
 Here are the steps to make a Squinkie Bead Necklace.

Open up the cases and lay them on a paper plate. Give your kids some acrylic paint in the colors of their choice and let them get creative.
 Now, here is where you have to make the choice if you want to be able to open your beads or permanently seal them to your ribbon. My son wanted to be able to store a squinkie in his necklace and take it off whenever he wants. So after his painted cases dried, I left them open and painted Mod Podge  on to seal them. I also used sparkle Mod Podge so it would give them a glittery finish!
 Once the Mod Podge was dry, we simply closed them on a piece of ribbon with a squinkie in it.
 Here is what my sons finished necklace looked like!
He was so excited about it that he brought it to school. All of his friends thought it was cool and wanted one.
 Here he is taking off one of his beads and getting out his Spiderman Squinkie.
For Kiki's necklace we simply made the cases into beads that would stay on the ribbon and NOT open up! Which also means she didn't store any Squinkies inside them. Since she had some unpainted area on the outside of her beads, we chose a color and painted the inside to give it a fun look. Once everything was dry, I painted the whole bead with Sparkle Mod Podge and while it was still wet I closed it on her ribbon. The Mod Podge sealed the case shut and gave a glittery finish to her bead!
Here's her finished necklace!
Do you have any other craft ideas for squinkie cases? I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment.

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