Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby's First Christmas Ornament & Other Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Knowing that my baby was due right around Christmas I wanted to take a picture of him holding an ornament and showing how little he was compared to it. 
I thought of the fun idea to make the ornament he is holding in the picture to be his "baby's first" ornament. So after taking the picture I printed it out wallet size.
It's a little tough to attach a picture to a ball ornament so it might be easier to do this with an ornament that has a flat surface. 
To attach a picture to a round surface I cut the edges of the picture so it would mold a little easier and then I hot glued the picture on the plastic ball. 
 Next, I used Mod Podge to seal the picture to the ornament.
 I added a little flare by using some puffy paints and making a design around the picture.
Don't forget to put the year on the ornament somewhere. 

 The other idea for a picture I had was to put my baby in his Christmas stocking while holding a candy cane.
I thought the picture turned out so cute That I wanted to turn the candy cane into an ornament also.
 I found a nice felt gift tag. 
There was a "To and From" card inside the felt gift tag so I Mod Podged the picture to one side. 
On the other side I wrote "Rowen's 1st Christmas".
 Then I hot glued the gift tag to the candy cane. 
Here is what it looks like up close with the tag open with the picture of my baby holding the candy cane!
Here is a picture of the gift tag closed.
I will hang it on the tree just like this!

 Here are a few fun photo ideas to do for before and after pregnancy!

This first picture idea is perfect for a baby born around Christmas time!
Take your first picture, BEFORE, pregnant and holding your new baby's stocking!
Then, AFTER, take your next picture in the same spot with your baby in the stocking.

 This next idea is fun if you have other children! Get them involved in taking progressive photos of your growing tummy! I took pictures 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 34, 38 weeks and 2 weeks old! 
We had a lot of fun making up different poses for the kids to do while holding the sign of how far along I was!


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