Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spy Valentines Theme ~ Bomb Valentines & Cereal Box Briefcase

Here is a way to make your little spy happy for Valentine's day! 
Make these SIMPLE and fun Spy theme Valentines and Valentines box!

First we have a sucker bomb!
It is So easy to make and only costs a few dollars!
I love valentines made from suckers because who doesn't love a sucker AND you can get so many for low cost!

First thing you have to do to make these bombs is bend the sucker stick in two places. 
Then you will need a square of foil and a square of black tissue for each sucker.
After bending the sucker stick, I took the square of foil and brought it up and around the sucker but didn't close it all the way! Then you get your black tissue square and bring it up around the foil and push it into the space between the sucker and foil.
After your tissue is up around the foil just squeeze the foil shut and it will hold your tissue in place!
The best part to this step is there is no glue needed!!!
Now to light the fuse of the bomb!
I folded a piece of orange construction paper in half so when I cut out the "flame" I would have two identical pieces of paper. On one side write "U R the BOMB!" and on the other side write "from" your child's name. After you cut out the flame you hot glue it to the top of the sucker stick!
Here is an example of the flame on the bomb and what it says on both sides!
Next, I thought it would be fun to make a Valentines box to match the theme of the bombs. 
What is better than a spy Briefcase?
All you need to make this is an empty cereal box, black spray paint, duct tape, and velcro.
First you cut the front panel of you cereal box, leaving one side attached.
Then lay it out flat and then spray paint it the color of your choice.
I painted my son's black!
Then I cut some extra cardboard to fit where the top of the cereal box was because my kids ripped the top. After hot gluing the cardboard in place I got some black duct tape.
I taped the whole side so it would be all black.
Then I reinforced the other edges by adding tape to them as well.
Next, to make the handle I used the black duct tape around a long piece of thin cardboard.
I say thin because you have to be able to bend it.
Next, make two slits big enough to stick your handle into.
Then you hot glue or duct tape the ends of the cardboard handle up to the top of the box.
Next I used silver duct tape for an accent. I cut a strip in half and taped it around the briefcase in two strips on each side of the handle. then when I got to the top I used a piece of duct tape folded in half to finish out each line. I hot glued it down to the box.
Then I added velcro to the strips that hung over. 
There you have it, a very cost effective way to give your child a spy themed Valentines day!

I stored all of Brenden's bombs in his briefcase, ready to take to school!

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