Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Day of School Teacher Gift Idea

Every year it seems that summer goes by so quickly!
I have been having so much fun having all four of my babies home with me all day!
My favorite part about summer is not having to wake anyone up and rush out the door!
Here is the most recent family picture we had taken on a HOT summer day in the end of June 2015.
 I guess time flies when you are VERY no wonder I don't know where the time is going. These guys always have me on my toes! 

Since school starts NEXT WEEK for us here in Kansas I figured I should get on this first day present thing!
This year we decided to do a different first day of school gift for the kids teachers.
Normally I buy Apple foam soap from Bath & Body Works. I trace my child's hand on a sheet of colored card stock and write, "Let me know if you need a HAND!" 
I still love this idea but since my son has a Male teacher this year I figured we needed to change it up a bit.
I looked up ideas of presents to teachers and one was treats so I took my kids to Trader Joe's and they picked out a good treat/snack for their new teacher.
This saying on the brownie bites could go for any package SWEET treat your child chooses. 
I still wanted to trace their hand and add the "let us know if you need a HAND" but we added "Let's make this a SWEET year!"
 My daughter chose Powerberry trek mix for her teacher, which is a healthier type of treat.
Because of the nuts in it we wrote, "I'm NUTS about having you as my teacher this year!"
The other idea I had that I really wanted to do was based off of something I saw on Haley's Daily Blog(click on the picture below to see her post). She blogged about an amazon printable for a gift card. This was more for the end of the year so I was just going to change it up and write, "Let's have an Amaz'on year!" or "Here's to an Amaz'on year!"
Hope these ideas help spark something fun for you to put together for your child's teacher.
They deserve it!
Here's to a great school year 2015/2016!

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